Ships: Eldred Black Knight (SFRPG) PDF

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The Eldred barely won their war for survival against the Slavern. To try and keep the peace after the war with limited personnel, they tried to build an AI controlled cruiser. The ship they built, the Black Knight is as fast a fighter, and hits as hard as any capital ship in its class, the enhanced version of the cruiser is like a pocket dreadnought.

The Starship Series delivers ships you can use in your Starfinder campaigns.

This booklet contains:

* The Eldred Black Knight: Tier 12 and 16 warships
* two primary stat blocks with crew skills.
* Predetermined scan results
* a handy reference for how to run the automated crew
* clean art page to show to your players
* 7 front and back 2D pawn images
* 2 starship play sheets

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