Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-19: Corpses in Kalsgard

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–9. The great Linnorm King Sveinn Blood-Eagle prepares for his final voyage to legendary Vallenhall, but all is not right in his kingdom. As Sveinn’s unworthy children battle over the soon-to-be-vacant throne, Kalsgard’s gnomes find themselves beset by a rash of sudden deaths. While these deaths appear to be caused by the Bleaching, a dread affliction that saps the life and light from gnomes who succumb to ennui, a gnome Pathfinder and priestess of Nivi Rhombodazzle believes that something more is afoot. She’s recruited the PCs to uncover the affliction’s origins in a city where mighty Ulfen warriors are on the verge of war. Written by Alex Riggs.

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At last, a chance for Gnomeageddon!

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More Ulfen intrigue!

The Exchange

"By Mama Seven-Pips' loaded dice, oi've got to get to Kalsgard!"

Grand Lodge

"Oh Arshea... Please let me become strong enough to save my people!"

(Need to level up!)

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