Starfinder Dragon Sheath

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Whether you are exploring wrecked star ships around Aucturn or negotiating with sentient robots on Aballon, you can protect your favorite dice and mini in this Officially Licensed Dragon Sheath.

The Starfinder Dragon Sheath is crafted in premium Flame Birch wood with our Galaxy Finish and is adorned with the Starfinder logo. The interior features space for up to 15 polyhedral dice and a standard sized miniature with removable foam for protection.

Note: The Starfinder Dragonsheath is a high quality, customizable product sold by our partners at Dog Might. To order and create your own, visit

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Preorders now open! Early February release.

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This looks a little odd - it's showing as a preorder, but you've shipped me one already.

Is there some kind of new product/revision coming out? Or has this perhaps been entered as a preorder instead of a backorder by mistake?

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