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The Godhand’s Back for A Second Round

There’s quite nothing like using using your sentient dragon arm to torch a rampaging army so the godhand is back for another showing! We heard you asking for more morphologies, feats, and types of godhand and here’s our answer! We’ve got godhands with tentacles, rocket fists, divine arms inhabited by freaky 30 eyed angels, fists that can punch with flames so profane you’re fire resistance won’t save you, limbs inhabited by horrifying things from beyond the stars and SO much more! Buy this book, rip your character’s arm off, replace it with an object of terrifying power, and punch your enemies with your newfound ferocious might until they stop breathing!

Godhand forever!

Page Count: 16 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 1 OGL, 13 content)
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Hmm... is this a standalone product, or an expansion to the original Godhand book? (It might be worth clarifying that at the end of the product description.)

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So I got this, and noticed that the description is a little sparse on details here.

For those who haven't been following the Godhand thread where this was talked about, here's a rundown.

So this supplement for the Godhand base class includes a bloodline/specialty/domain equivalent- You choose the type of entity bound in your arm. Angel, demon, psychopomp, inevitable, lovecraftian elder deity, etc? All covered. I especially like the psychopomp and old one options.

New morphologies, some of them limited to certain types of spirits or archetypes. Want a detachable arm, corrosive punches, or a rocket punch? This book has you covered.

Archetypes like the Alchemical Hand who mutated their hand through better chemistry.

The Contacted who are experimented on by incomprehensible entities- aliens, time travelers or the like, they came for some alien abductions, light cow tipping, and giving you a tentacle.

Dragon-Arms who have a mini-dragon for an arm. All the time, too, which surprised me.

Greenhands who are like the druidic variant of the Godhand, filling their arms with the power of green growing things instead of an angel or a demon.

A couple of new feats for Godhands. The stand out to me is the one that allows your arm to count as a holy symbol that makes holy water.

And last but not least, alternate racial favored class bonuses for eleven races.

If you still don't know if you want the book or not from the above, feel free to share whatever questions you have.

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