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This product is not a game supplement. There are no rules included, only lists of the content that has been created for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by Paizo Inc. The names of other games, movies, and so on are copyrighted by their original creators and remain their products. They are only listed and described here in reference.

These lists are not comprehensive of all content within the volumes of The Book of Many Things. We will continue to update these lists as we add more content. As of January 12, 2019, these lists reflect the content that exists within the following books:

* The Book of Many Things Volume 1: Order and Chaos
* The Book of Many Things Volume 2: Shattered Worlds
* The Book of Many Things: Campaign Exclusive Content

Want to see more content created around one of the themes listed here? Want to see content for other themes not listed? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Facebook page or on our website. We will add your request to our list and create it as we become able to do so.

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We're very happy to have this now available! Here are the themes currently included. If you would like to see a new theme, or an existing theme expanded, let us know here or on our Facebook page.

Bloodborne, Castlevania, Dark Crystal, Diablo, Doctor Who, Dune, Fallout, Final Fantasy, Flash,

Flatliners, Game of Thrones, Gauntlet, Ghost Rider, Goblins, Green Lantern, Irregular at Magic High,

Legend of Dragoon, Legend of Zelda, Mega-Man, Metroid, Midnight, Ninja Gaiden, Pnumadesi, Pokémon, Rick and Morty,

Skyrim, Sonic the Hedgehog, Spawn, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario Maker, ThunderCats, Venom, Warbreaker, Witcher,

Wolverine, World of Warcraft

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Well more Mega-Man goodness would be good for me.

Have you considered something in the line of Bioshock? Perhaps something like an alchemical knight based on the Alpha Big Daddies or a kineticist/alchemist hybrid class inspired by Splicers?

How about a Madness Warrior based on American McGee's Alice? People who cloth and arm themselves with manifestations of their inner world?

I loved that game (AM Alice) :). I will definitely add these suggestions to our list of requests/suggestions and reply back when we have a chance to add them.

Well if you don't use my suggestions I'm sure you'll add other cool stuff anyway. :)

The other day it occurred to me- Battle Augur covers both the blue mage and a megaman like archetype, there's another famous video game character it could be made to cover- Kirby. You are what you eat!

Also another character that I thought might make an interesting class- Epic Mickey with his Paint and Thinner.

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Sweet! These books are filled with so many goodies!

Prototype would be largely redundant after the Symbiont class, but how about an archetype for Symbiont along the lines of the blackblooded Crona of Soul Eater?

A Symbiont that manifests not natural weapons but manifest melee and thrown weapons and new limbs to wield more melee and thrown weapons?

Nice. A Kirby-like option is definitely something we're working on, and you will very likely see it in April's upcoming Decidedly Laughable Collection.

Good to know. Thanks.

This has been updated. It now includes more themes and listed content from volumes 1 and 2, the campaign content, and the upcoming "Decidedly Laughable Collection.

Also, per request, we have also added page numbers to the references now for faster navigation.

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Looks good! There are many things in the book that I was unaware of!

PFRPGrognard wrote:
Looks good! There are many things in the book that I was unaware of!

Wonderful to hear :D Hopefully it will continue to be a resource you can draw on for inspiration and when considering if you should pick up a new volume.

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