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Techs, Mechs, and So Much More!

Technology Expanded is the first book in the new Arcforge product line! This incredible expansion to using technology in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign brings a wealth of options for players and GMs alike, starting with the all-new helmsman base class, uniting the power of magic, mind, and machine, plus a dozen incredible archetypes from the circuitbreaker and road warrior to the mecha sentinel and reactor knight. Each one focuses on a different aspect of technological prowess, from piloting personal mecha to commanding robotic minions or high-tech vehicles. Explore even more options like the metaforge and psiborg adept prestige classes or any of five new variant playable races, or build your own mechanical assistants, familiars, and companion battlemechs from a variety of chassis and archetypes, each advancing in power as you gain levels, with over 20 unique enhancements. Akashic casters can construct technomagical veils (with 10 sample veils provided), and every character can benefit from over three dozen fantastic feats of inventive engineering like Artificial Spartan, Cockpit Jacker, and Machine Poltergeist. Psionic characters will find over two dozen new psionic powers like astral nanites, gravitic charge, and coded resurrection, and we also provide guidance for modeling psionics as advanced technology and akasha as cybertech, plus nearly 20 tables to make reference easy! Grab this incredible 84-page Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Legendary Dreams!


Arcforge is a new, technology-focused supplement by Dreamscarred press, to complement their psionics, akasha and initiat… Wait, what? Is not by Dreamscarred Press? No. Legendary games, in a departure from their Paizo-only support, release a supplement for ANOTHER company’s systems! But, is it good? Let’s see!

What’s inside?
Not counting covers and license and stuff, we get 74 pages of content for 15 bucks, which include:

-The new Helmsman akashic class. The Helmsman is a pilot class, and needs you to use either (or both) the new mecha rules or the vehicle rules in this same supplement. The helmsman has a cleric-like chassis, medium BAB, simple weapon proficiency (plus one martial), light and medium armor and shields. They get good reflex and will saves, plus 4 skill points per level with a generous skill list, open to many roles and builds. As an akashic class, they also get veilweaving, with one essence per level (like Gurus) and from 1 to 9 veils. They get access to 7 normal chakra binds, but also get a special, exclusive “interface” veil slot (and latter a bind), representing their bond with their vessel. Like other akashic classes, they also get enhanced essence capacity (up to +3).

Other abilities include:
-Bonded vessel, similar to animal companion, where you get either a vehicle or a mecha, but it gets all the benefits from skills, feats and even veils of the helmsman, even if the vessel has no equivalent body part; it can even manifest WEAPON-LIKE VEILS!
-Hypercharge, a series of selectable abilities that you get to momentarily buff your vessel using essence burn. These include instant vessel healing, temporary essence capacity increase, rerolls, immediate movement, area attacks, and even avoid destruction and continue working for a little more!
-Akashic armaments, another way to enhance your vessel by INVESTING essence in it, instead of burning essence like in a Hypercharge. Each ability has the normal essence capacity cap, but otherwise you can invest all your essence in as many abilities as you can. These include bonus to AC, speed, combat, fast healing etc.
-Lifebound Vessel, which lets you sacrifice your health to heal your vessel.
-Adaptive response, which gives you the ability to reallocate your essence as a free action once per day, getting more uses later.
-Turboboost, which gives you the ability to shape a veil to a chakra of any kind, but every round you have to pay with essence burn (this ability is REALLY expensive). The wording of the ability could be better, since at the beginning it mentions “bind”. So you get the veil AND the bind? Can you shape a veil on a chakra you already have occupied, getting two head veils, or even two interface ones? Can you shape a blood or a ring veil? I’m not sure, but it make me wonder.
-Improved turboboost, which reduces the cost of turboboost to a more manageable level. There is a rare glitch here, the ability mentions the “hypercharge chakra” instead of the turboboost ability.
-Peerless Strategist is the capstone, letting you reallocate essence as an immediate action whenever you like, and reduces the essence cost of hypercharge by 1 (minimum 0).

Wait, but what if I want to use the helmsman in my fantasy campaign? Well, just watch the first episode of the anime “Escaflowne”, that’s what you do.

-12 Archetypes:
The Circuit Breaker (cryptic) loses many defensive options to be better at crafting technology, and latter can even put traps on a non-hostile construct. Short and sweet one.

The Cyborg Engineer (vizier) loses eldritch insight to be better at using technology, and gets access to a new mystic attunement (mechanical), which makes him better at crafting tech gear. Nice for a tech campaign.

The Eclipse (dread), who loses a lot of abilities to get the ability to command a growing army of agile mechs. However, the Eclipse dread has to spend his actions to make them move… individually (way later, at 11th, they can give actions to two mechs by taking a penalty to some rolls, increasing the number of mechs commanded at the same time and the penalty up to 4). They also lose devastating touch and get a similar ability that can only be channeled through a mech. As a capstone they can do the Voltron and summon all mechs to merge into one big nightmarish Mr. Roboto (TM). An intriguing archetype that looks like a nightmare to run as a player, and it sadly shares the name of an akashic class.

Experimental Engineer (helmsman), who… can exchange a hyper charge for a bonus mech enhancement, an item creation feat… or a hyper charge? Does this had to be an archetype? I mean, this one could have been rolled into the base class

Fleet Commanders (helmsman), like their name suggests, can command a greater number of vessels just like Eclipse dreads, with the important difference that they can choose any type of mechs or vehicles, AND at higher levels can command up to 6 at the same time. They can also share hypercharges and akashic armaments with more than one vessel. They also lose turboboost and it improved version to bond and command even more vessels. At the peak of their abilities, they can command any number of vessels with the same action without penalty, and can even vary a bit what each vessel do! Inspiring archetype that gets one of the best capstones ever!

The Mecha Sentinel (aegis) feels like an anime hero. They lose the ability to form astral armors… to form astral mechs! They get a slightly modified bonded mech, enhancing it via astral suit customizations, and get access to some exclusive ones. These guys are the best and fastest at customizing mechs. One of my favorites!

Medimechanic (vitalist) may have the worst name, but get the ability to include machines in their collective. They get mostly upgraded abilities, while only losing a d6 for their transfer wounds ability and some powers (but gaining new ones) from the medic powers class feature. Their steal health can target objects but… can they target a wall? A piece of furniture? My spider sense (TM) tells me this means infinite healing! This last ability needs a cap on uses or being only able to affect constructs, not objects.

Overcharger (wilder), who loses wild surge (and some surge-related features) to get Tech Surge, a similar ability that affects technology instead of powers… OK, but what if you lose all of your tech gear? I would have given the archetype a lesser wild surge along the tech one, and I don’t remember a wild surge that cannot be used in certain circumstances (I haven’t checked my Ultimate Psionics in a long time). They can also select 3 exclusive surge bonds, one makes you a beast at tech weapons, one makes you a walking malfunction-causing nightmare, and one makes you a pilot (gaining a vessel like a helmsman). Very nice archetype!

The Reactor Knight (psychic warior) loses some manifesting abilities and all path-related features to get a bonded mech, bigger skill list, and a growing suite of abilities, called overdrives, to improve it (up to 10 from a list of 12). They empower overdrives by spending their psionic focus to get temporary Boost Points. Some overdrives include rocket punch (slam or wing attack at range), area attacks, and even self-destruct! They also get a capstone where they boost all their overdrives at no cost for a little time, but I bet someone forgot to mention this ability replaces the normal psi-warrior capstone. Uber-cool archetype!

Road Warrior (fighter) is a short one. Two extra skill points auto-spent on mechanic stuff, no heavy armor or tower shield (but getting some chain-y weapons as replacement), a modified bravery ability that only functions while driving, and a defense bonus when moving. A refreshing vehicle-based archetype along an army of mech users.

Squad Leader (tactician) returns to the mech user trend. They get a bonded mech instead of coordinated strike and lesser strategies, get a slightly modified, intelligence-based collective ability, and also exchange the strategy class feature to gain the ability to control a growing army of mechs. They, however, don’t get extra mechs or the ability to divide the mech pilot level into many lesser mechs (like the eclipse dread does). As a capstone they get to do the Voltron too, merging many mechs into a big dang roboto, but since they are not really part of their class feature, each mech added gives a small benefit. Great archetype that really changes the base class.

Themistoclien (helmsman) gets to use “blade magic”, getting martial maneuvers and stances from 4 specific disciplines. The archetype trades a lot to be able to get into a martial stance and initiate maneuvers while on a mech or even a ship. They even trade half their essence progression with a class that wants as much essence as possible. I don’t really dig the Path of War system, so I can’t really comment much on this one (though I really appreciate its inclusions since there are many fans of the Path!).

-Class Features and Class Templates: This part includes new blade skills, even letting you manifest a soul chainsaw! Also a “class template” for alchemists and investigators which change extracts to be psionic power-based instead of spell-based. One “prestige class archetype”, which works like a normal archetype but modifies a prestige class: The Metaforge (cerebramancer) focuses more on crafting, able to enchant tech gear and even combine tech gear! (but note that there is a metaforge prestige class already) We get the Psiborg Adept, a psionic prestige class that advances manifesting and some other psi classes features (astral suit or mech, mindblade, bonded mech), are really good at using technological items, and become more machine than mortal. Great!

-5 Racial Variants: We get the Advisor Android (akashic race), Amici Android (great at interaction and not emotionless, the future of [CENSORED] dolls), Champion Forgeborn (non-psionic, great leaders), Interfacer Noral (non-psionic, akashic race) and Processor Forgeborn (GREAT for any INT based class since they get +4, but a penalty to both CON and DEX).

-Mech rules: We start with basic body types (agile, bipedal, quadruped/threaded) and the basic rules of mechs (like being objects and not creatures, sharing damage with the pilot, etc.), which are based on pilot level. Unlike other type of companions, mechs normally become part of the pilot, so they give bonuses to some ability scores (Str and Dex). For combat, each mech type has affinity for the three different types of weapons (melee, ranged and heavy). Weapons take slots, and mechs have a certain number of slots depending on their size, and slots can be combined to fit bigger weapons. While level give some bonuses to the ability scores, changing size change them as normal (so even if you got some Dex bonus because of your level, if you become Large, you will get a size penalty to it, for example). Levels unlock battery points (used to power some mech ability plus any mounted devices) mech enhancements, plus a couple of mech enhancements chosen from a list; some options include more weapon slots, better AC, increased hardness, an AI that can go autopilot, bonuses to skills and many more. Great! There is one problem, however. Mechs depend on the pilot’s level, so what happens if Bob the 1st level expert wants to drive Hiro’s mech, and Hiro is a 16th level badass? There should be rules to use foreign mechs, that way you could place them as treasure, and what about ENCHANTED mechs?!? I know I would love a +5 mech!

We also get rules for some pet classes (those getting mount or animal companions) to get a pet vehicle. Here, rules are provided but are not compatible with the vehicle combat rules from Ultimate Combat. The rules are easy though, taking only one paragraph. Next, we have 5 sample vehicles (Combat Transport, Infiltration Transport, Motorcycle, Sportscar and Ship). Afterwards we have some archetypes for psycrystals and animal companions, which go in tone with the rest of the material. We have Informant, Operating System, and Targeting Array psycrystals, plus the Synthetic animal companion. We end this sections with some general rules for vehicles and mechs in the campaign (how to craft them, how much do they cost, but again no info on higher level mechs or vehicles).

-Helmsman Veils: This section includes all the veils that a helmsman can access, plus a short number of new veils. Of these, 6 occupy the interface veil slot unique to the helmsman (the veil list includes only 5 interface veils, but the veil descriptions have those five plus Ironclad Bastion). A couple are: Ablation Field increases any hardness or damage reduction you have, and can give you energy adaptation (as the power) when bound, and is available to Daevic, Nexus, Radiant and Vizier; Dogfighter’s Third Eye occupies the interface slot, and gives you a dodge bonus to AC plus a 5 feet free action movement in response to a failed enemy attack, and the chakra bind giving you blindsense.

-Feats: This section include 37 feats, with some reprints from the technology guide (I don’t own that book, so I don’t know if they are exactly the same). Before I go to the glorious feats themselves, let me state the bad thing. THERE IS NO FEAT TABLE! Sorry, but for 8 pages of feats, a table was a must. There are 2 Akashic feats (one empowering weapons so they don’t use charges, and another that makes daevics rely on Intelligence and not Charisma), 6 psionic (with one changing metacreativity powers into psychokinetic ones, by using surrounding materials instead of ectoplasm!), 2 metapsionic (one making your powers radioactive!), 2 item creation (with one allowing you to substitute magic for technology as a power source and viceversa, interacting differently with certain abilities), 7 combat (with one allowing you to eject a mech pilot and enter it yourself), and many others that let you craft or improve many tech items like vehicles and mechs, use class features better or more often, and even one that lets a ghost get in the shell ;)

-Technological Psionic Powers. Unlike the feat section, this one includes 3 pages of power lists, and not only the base psionic classes are included! The gifted blade archetype is in, as are some others I didn’t even know existed like the gambler or the voyager. 25 powers are included. Transforming living (and even dead) psyches into AIs, modifying the weather, getting basically a space suit, affect plants and water, create holograms, control vehicles and mechs (and weapons) so they can move and even attack on their own, voltron 2 or more constructs (which is… psychometabolic?), recharge or transfers charges from tech, etc.

-Optional Rules: The last section includes two flavorful and rule-changing hacks. Akasha as Cybertech gives you guidelines on using akashic magic as a type of technology, with a good number of optional names (does metahuman, .exe, nanite injections or scientists sound akashic?) and even rewrites of some veils, that do exactly the same but in a different way. The Riven Darts veil becomes a Micro-Missile Gauntlet, which changes the visuals from a mage throwing magic missiles to a techy launching mini-missiles.

Another one is Psionics as Advanced Technology. Here, the hack is a bit deeper than with Akasha, since it interacts very differently with magic. Again, optional names are provided, but here we have spell additions to the power list to facilitate its interaction with magic, as well as what tech feats do what using this rules.

Of Note: Oh boy what to chose? I really like the mech rules, as well as the mech-piloting archetypes, my favorite being the Mecha Sentinel and the Reactor Knight.

(Rest of the review in the comments)

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

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Bring an incredible new sci-fi experience to your Pathfinder game today and grab this killer new book!

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

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Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

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Lots of fun goodies, but my favorite is still the Road Warrior fighter archetype. Something about the simple wholesomeness of a fighter with spiked chains and a motorcycle...

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

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Michael Sayre wrote:
Lots of fun goodies, but my favorite is still the Road Warrior fighter archetype. Something about the simple wholesomeness of a fighter with spiked chains and a motorcycle...


Stop Sign Shield FTW!

The Exchange

Michael Sayre wrote:
...but my favorite is still the Road Warrior fighter archetype...

You mean THIS one?

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer wrote:
Michael Sayre wrote:
...but my favorite is still the Road Warrior fighter archetype...
You mean THIS one?

That'd be the one!

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Nice to see another technology expansion from Legendary!

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

The sequel is coming soon! Arcforge: Psibertech is uploading to the Paizo store as we speak and will debut on Friday!

Scarab Sages Contributor, RPG Superstar 2008 Top 4, Legendary Games

Psibertech is already here, and now Arcforge: Star*Path is coming up next on Friday!

Except on it's already here at the Legendary Games webstore!

Is this the first in a series? do you need any other book to use this?

Paizo Employee Organized Play Developer

the xiao wrote:
Is this the first in a series? do you need any other book to use this?

This is book one, yeah. You don't need any other books to use it, but you'll benefit from having Akashic Mysteries and the Pathfinder Technology Guide.

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the xiao wrote:
Is this the first in a series? do you need any other book to use this?

The other books in the series are-

Arcforge: Psibertech, covering psionicist stuff as the name implies.

Arcforge: Star*path which covers starfinder to pathfinder and vice versa conversion and includes Path of War archetypes for the Solarian, Envoy, Soldier, and Operative.

(Review continued)
Anything wrong?: The Experimental Engineer feels unnecessary, as I mentioned, since all helmsmen could take the archetype, and the Temistoclien is the most essence-starved akashic option ever. And the mech rules need some clarifications to some “what if” situations. Also, the legal section is like 4 pages long, which would be understandable when taking into account it deals with Dreamscarred Press stuff. However, a quick glance made me notice that two pages are just from monsters from the tomb of horrors, just like in a previous akashic release (not by Legendary Games but…)

What I want: Nothing, these release feels so complete and self-sustained that I just want to read the rest of the material in the product line! Maybe rules for enchanting vehicles and mechs, plus special material-made ones. Mithral motorcycle? Adamantite mech? Yeah!

What cool things did this inspire?: Old-school anime reinterpretations. Guyver? Escaflowne? Fantasy mechs rule!

Do I recommend it?: Yes. This is an inspired book. Legendary games really knows how to pimp a text into an amazing-looking book, and adding the quality of the rules in here make for an outstanding release! Even with the small “problems” I mentioned, this book gets 5 super-novas from me!

The book reminded me of an old Dragon Magazine article about adding mechs to d20 Modern :D

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