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The Strange Aeons Mega SoundPack gives you the complete audio solution when playing the popular Strange Aeons Adventure Path. All the preparation is done for you, and every sound you'll need is right at your fingertips.

Absolutely packed full of amazing content the Strange Aeons Mega SoundPack includes support for:

  • two important and quite distinctive cities
  • Dero's to be freaked out by... and to kill
  • a hellish swarm of flesh eating wasps
  • an atmospheric library
  • dread wraiths
  • clockwork mages
  • air elementals/aerial servants
  • a very bitter and grumpy fallen archon
  • a slave market
  • gnolls
  • a basilisk
  • a very useful River Journey
  • a water born raid from the cult of Razmir (with voices by Jason Bulmahn)
  • a Voonith attack
  • an abandoned Caravanserai
  • spooky haunts
  • Ghasts
  • Ghouls
  • two weird dream parties
  • an off-kilter Waltz
  • a drug den
  • an epic encounter with Bokrug
  • Ceramic guardians
  • a battle with an awful Feargaunt
  • Denizens of Leng
  • a Nightmare Dragon
  • Maenads
  • Moon-beasts
  • a range of finely crafted, eerie, hissing winds
  • tension levels I to IV so you can carefully adjust your Player's discomfort
  • brand new and 'improved' Ghouls
  • a hideous Nightgaunt = screeching winged horror
  • triggerable haunts
  • a spooky 'slenderman' style boss
  • a whole host of material ideal for any "Cthulhu" style adventure.
  • a weirdly haunted town (daytime and nighttime)
  • a very angry Revenant
  • a Gibbering Mouther
  • a upper-class, but slightly off kilter piece of upper class music
  • Juju Zombies
  • a very disturbingly perverted old woman
  • places of power and distortion
  • a lost haunted cityscape
  • a swarm encounter
  • seeded creatures
  • a epic battle with a juggernaut
  • an anti gravity room with reverse heartbeat and reverse 'pird' sounds
  • Flying polyps (ew)
  • massive caves
  • a very unpleasant Naga
  • a Devourer
  • a black winged Hunting Horror
  • Ash giants
  • flying polyps
  • a very lovely banquet
  • an epic battle with vampires
  • a spooky laboratory
  • a spectacularly deadly flame trap
  • a larvae battle
  • 1920s Paris (yes, that's right!)
  • a Cabaret show
  • a Bhole (oh my!)
  • and much much more!

Availablility: Your Syrinscape audio content will be delivered as a Voucher Code on your My Downloads page redeemable at, and will be downloadable within the Syrinscape Fantasy Player. Contact if you have any questions.

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