Pathfinder Pawns: Return of the Runelords Pawn Collection

Pathfinder Pawns: Return of the Runelords Pawn Collection
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The foes and monsters from the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path are ready to rule your tabletop with the Return of the Runelords Pawn Collection, featuring more than 100 creature pawns for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game or any tabletop fantasy RPG! Printed on sturdy cardstock, each pawn presents a beautiful full-color image of a monster or NPC from the Return of the Runelords campaign, including evil wizards, foul undead, sinister fiends, and even potential friends and allies. The pawns slot into size-appropriate plastic bases from any of the Bestiary Box collections, making them easy to mix with traditional metal or plastic miniatures. The Return of the Runelords Pawn Collection, together with the creatures and characters from the Pathfinder Pawns: Bestiary Box and Pathfinder Pawns: NPC Codex Box collections, provides pawns for all six adventures of the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path.

The enemies and allies of the Return of the Runelords Adventure Path come to life on your tabletop! Each has its own abbreviation and identification number for easy sorting. The Return of the Runelords Pawn Collection includes:

Small (and Smaller)

  1. Chief Cheektooth
  2. Corla
  1. Hallowed Lynx (6)
  2. Ivory Sentinel (2)
  1. Nighteye
  2. The Melted (8)
  1. Reefclaw (2)
  2. Zinlun


  1. Alden Tilaresk
  2. Apostle of Pain (2)
  3. Asura, Adhukait Jailer (3)
  4. Asura, Japalisura
  5. Audrahni
  6. Boag-Hok
  7. Chaos Beast of Gholz
  8. Choking Shade
  9. Chronogeist
  10. Clockwork Assassin
  11. Corstela Rostrata
  12. Damil Russo
  13. Dhanishti
  14. Dith-Ka
  15. Dolland Reggelore
  16. “Elbows” Eddi
  17. Emerald Guard (2)
  18. Erigantus
  19. Fate Irii
  20. Fortune Irii
  1. Hira Doss
  2. Horned Fang Bruiser (2)
  3. Horned Fang Gangster (4)
  4. Hound of Tindalos (2)
  5. Isiah Kalynn
  6. Jana Gildersleeves
  7. Kantulin
  8. Karrigan Patch
  9. Karzoug's Soul
  10. Kelhuud (2)
  11. Kyton, Apostle (2)
  12. Kyton, Libitinarii (3)
  13. Leptonia
  14. The Librarian
  15. Lullaby Vancaskerkin
  16. Lyraesia
  17. Maga Szuul
  18. Medusa Archer (2)
  19. Mother Nightthrush
  20. Mozamer
  1. Mutant Hungry Flesh
  2. Og-Zeugus
  3. Order Initiate (4)
  4. Order Philosopher (4)
  5. Peacock Spirit Cultist (4)
  6. Peacock Spirit Priest (4)
  7. Reborn Brother (4)
  8. Roadkeeper (2)
  9. Runelord Alaznist
  10. Runelord Angothane
  11. Runelord Belimarius
  12. Runelord Krune
  13. Runelord Sorshen
  14. Runelord Thybidos
  15. Runelord Xanderghul
  16. Runelord Zutha
  17. Shadow Librarian
  18. Shadow Servant (2)
  19. Sinspawn Slayer (2)
  20. Sir Roderic
  1. Solethex Sarn
  2. Srishrin Tham
  3. Steward of Stethelos (Old)
  4. Steward of Stethelos (Young)
  5. Sumsarru
  6. Sursha Antefalle
  7. Tearvault Guardian (2)
  8. Tiane Vaneir
  9. Time Flayer
  10. Tolm Nexiria
  11. Viralane Barvisai
  12. Vola Adurusk
  13. Wilkexyne
  14. Xoxl
  15. Yamasoth Cultist (5)
  16. Ysyyr
  17. Zeralisce
  18. Zerrund
  19. Zurea Salvus


  1. Balor
  2. Breath of Ibdurengian
  3. Death Worm
  4. Ecorche (2)
  5. Effigy of Xiren
  6. Golem, Clockwork (2)
  1. Golem, Gold (2)
  2. High Justice
  3. Kasmalogg
  4. Kyton, Interlocutor (3)
  5. Old Haanshu
  6. Qlippoth, Thulgant (2)
  1. Qlippoth, Vexenion (2)
  2. Shriezyx Queen
  3. Siktempora, Misery
  4. Sinister Sphinx (2)
  5. Tawil at'Umr
  6. Temporal Crawler, Giant (4)
  1. Time Dimensional
  2. Tuirziaz
  3. War Marshal Yahar
  4. Woaerym
  5. Xanesha


  1. Dragon, Adult Rift (2)
  2. Dunkleosteus
  1. The Forester
  2. Giant, Inverted (2)
  1. Lady Wollnoxe
  2. Mother of Oblivion
  1. Ninuron
  2. Portal to Yad Iagnoth

ISBN: 978-1-64078-121-4

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Dark Archive

Considering that Return is longer than any other AP, i only expect the unique characters to get pawns, the rest will have to come from the six Bestiary Boxes.



-Jana "Gold" Gildersleeves
-Mister Retch (s)
-Sir Roderic
-Lullaby Vankaskerkin
-Nighteye (s)
-Roadkeepers? (2) Gamemastery Guide
-Mother Nightrush
-Sesseleck? (Goblin Snake) no art B2
-Chief Ceektooth (s)
-Dolland Reggelore
-Order Initiates? (8?) no art
-Order Philosophers (8?)
-Corstela Rostrata
-Alden Tilaresk
-Horned Fang Bruisers (2)
-Horned Fang Gangsters (4)

Well, since it references the Bestiary Box and NPC Codex, hopefully just those two in addition to this will get almost everything.

Dark Archive

Now that the setlist is up, i see that all my predictions for part #1 are in it excluding "Mr. Retch" (Grimple Gremlin/Bestiary 4 Box) & "Ssesseleck" (Goblin Snake/Bestiary 3 Box).

Here is a list of additional pawns needed for part #1:


-Fleshdregs (4) small, B4 Box has two!
-Gremlin, Grimple (1) small B4 Box
-Stirges (2) small, Bestiary Box
-Giant Cockroaches (2) small, B2 Box has one!
-Spider Swarm (1) large, Bestiary Box has 4 small.
-Garden Ooze (1) small, B3 Box
-Attic Whisperer (1) small, B2 Box
-Exoskeleton, Giant Cockroaches (3) small, B6 Box
-Exoskeleton, Centipedes (3) medium, Bestiary Box has one Giant Centipede!
-Poltergeist (1) medium, B2 Box
-Trailgaunt (1) medium, Bestiary Box
-Goblin Warriors (6) small, Bestiary Box has 4!
-Goblin Rogues (2) small, Monster Codex Box
-Goblin Dogs (2) medium, Bestiary Box has one!
-Cutpurses (2) medium, NPC Codex Box
-Phantom Fungus (1) medium, B3 Box
-Goblin Snake (1) small, B3 Box
-Goblin Frog-Talker (1) small, Monster Codex Box
-Gearghost (1) tiny/small, B4 Box
-Lovelorn (1) tiny/small, B6 Box
-Sinspawn (1) medium, B2 Box
-Qlippoth, Hydraggon (1) medium, B6 Box

I'm playing through book one now, so I can't even look at the list to stay free of spoilers, but I have to get this set!

Dark Archive

Brother Fen wrote:
I'm playing through book one now, so I can't even look at the list to stay free of spoilers, but I have to get this set!

I will buy it too, for all the human npc's in book #1 alone.


It looks like there's no longer a chance of getting different Karzoug artwork onto a pawn. The RotR (AE) pawn set has the WAR artwork, but I really prefer art along the lines of the face cards from Shattered Star and the cover art from Return in general. :(

On the other hand, it'll be nice to see a Mother of Oblivion - even if it's not the über-version (Black Magga). BM herself is Gargantuan, which is too big for a pawn set, ditto for a Tzitzimitl (on the cover of Book 5), so neither will ever turn up as a pawn. Maybe as a plastic painted miniature, if we're lucky. :)

Shadow Lodge

Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I would absolutely love a Tzitzimitl miniature, image a cool Aztec looking skeleton with awesome transluscent plastic electricity effects!!

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