Pathfinder Society Scenario #10-15: Tapestry's Trial

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 7-11.

Remembered as the Ruby Phoenix, the legendary sorcerer Hao Jin disappeared without a trace centuries ago never to be seen since. The Pathfinder Society has spent much of the past decade exploring her vast museum demiplane, yet in recent years the demiplane's very existence has begun to unravel, threatening to cast its contents into the void. The Society's leaders believe that only Hao Jin herself might be able to repair her creation, and a new lead at last reveals where she had gone: the realm of perfect law, Axis. As elite agents, the PCs must track her down and convince her to save the tapestry demiplane and all of the creatures that live there.

Written by Alex Greenshields.

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Average product rating:

4.10/5 (based on 7 ratings)

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Great scenario.


(I played this.)

This scenario is great. It's a bit heavy on the lore and hand-holdy, that's why it loses a star from me, but overall I have no big negatives. You come across a lot of strange things, which is wonderful, but becomes a bit fatiguing as you're trying to wrap your head around more and more events and NPCs. I was prepared for a more social scenario, but a lot of it was more "you go here, meet this person, get shoved to the next location." The whole scenario felt like it was on a moving walkway, rather than going at our desired pace. It went by just a little faster than I was comfortable with.

That said, it certainly isn't a bad scenario. I agree with a lot of the five-star reviews. I just think there's just a little too much content for your average PFS scenario.

Great for my wizard


At Origins I played #10-11, #10-13, and this one #10-15 with my tiefling teleportation/conjurer wizard. Everyone at my table knew what we were signing up for, and had very deliberately selected this scenario. I also had completed #10-11 with some of them, and #10-13 with others. So we weren't expecting combat (although all of us could and easily did handle the one nearly unavoidable combat) and were ready for skill challenges and roleplay. We got exactly what we wanted. It was terrific.

A Day Trip To Axis


I played this adventure at subtier 10-11 with four players. I have not run it.

I have a soft spot for a lot of parts of what this adventure presents. I love adventures that explore in any way the other planes of the cosmology. I always wish this adventures were a bit longer but in the framework of 4-5 hour scenarios I do really enjoy this adventure. These do rely a lot more on the GM for pacing and to fill in the portions of the city to make this feel like a full blown city rather than just a couple sites and people the party will visit in the couple hours.

This is a strongly social focused scenario with the latter portion of the adventure being entirely focused on social skills. The first set of encounters, taken individually, can feel a bit disconnected from the main plot, but are nice encounters within the planar city. However they are a nice way to give some of the background that helped me appreciate the final encounter.

I do agree that this is probably not a good scenario to present to a group that has no previous knowledge of the Hao Jin Tapestry. Without the background of those adventures I would have much less investment in the plot of this adventure.

Worst Railroad scenario ever


This scenario is terrible. It forces you to make decisions that are not going to work for any character in this game. If you play this, please put aside your thoughts about how Pathfinders ought to properly act. My entire table is literally angry about the way this scenario forced us into decisions. I'll avoid putting the details in, even under a spoiler, but I've rarely seen a scenario leave a table so angry.

Read more than just the scenario first.


This is an excellent scenario that allows for a surprising amount of freedom in a PFS setting. How? Read the spoilers if you dare...

Because despite the bones of this scenario being a fairly simple railroad (PCs talk to NPC, go collect objects 1, 2, 3; have social encounter), the adventure takes place on another plane with fantastical creatures and requires the author to devote some time flushing those out. As a result, a lot of the "in between stuff" is left undefined.

Unlike another scenario which might tell you the names of 6 merchants the players can speak to for information, this scenario does no such thing. It just says "they can make this check and it takes this long to learn X." Well that doesn't mean that the players don't encounter 6 merchants, it just means that you get to define them. And that is freedom. Especially given the backdrop of Axis.

Axis got a recent write up in War for the Crown, as did psychopomp culture, both of which are at play in this scenario. When you go to GM this scenario, do yourself a favor and read up on those things, as well as Hao Jin herself. If you don't have access to the books, check out the Pathfinder wiki -- its not as detailed but contains the same major points. Having a strong understanding of Axis, Pharasma (river of souls), and Hao Jin, goes a long way to making this adventure stand out.

I mentioned the simplistic structure earlier, and I want to be clear that it isn't a detriment in this scenario. Yes, in almost any other adventure, the structure would be a knock against it in my book. However, given the complexity of the setting, the motivations, and the story behind the scenario, having a simple layout for the adventure is a welcome blessing. Otherwise this scenario would almost be too much. Also, the simpler the layout the more prep time you have to read up on all that juicy lore.

And man, is it good. The story the author presents here is solid. Hao Jin's motivation, the various places her memory USB drives have gone, what results those have had, the tie in with 322. But the real moment it shines is in the judges. Each judge that presides over her trial has a specific problem with what she did--make the tapestry.

Judge A is an immortal being that watches over civilizations and preserves history so it can be passed down to younger generations. Hao Jin literally abducted thousands of people from their culture and trapped them in a demi plane. Whoops.

Judge B is the herald of exactness, more or less, who is upset with how Hao Jin made her demi plane. She broke lots of laws on Axis, and Judge B knows them all. Things aren't looking great.

Judge C is a psychopomp, tasked with preserving the passage of souls to Pharasma so they may be judged and pass on the the afterlife. Any mucking about with that process is a big cosmic no-no. Hao Jin may have syphoned off residual soul stuff to make her demiplane function. So basically, she's screwed on three fronts.

But over the course of the game, the PCs can learn of Hao Jin's motivations, her process, and the details of how she did what she did and actually formulate solid counter arguments for each judge. And if they do so, they can help sway them to find her innocent of her crimes. That's freaking cool. Name another scenario where you decide the fate of an immortal mythic tiered sorcerer before a tribunal of eternal beings on another plane. Go ahead, I'll wait.

This scenario goes big and doesn't disappoint. Do your players a favor and run this game for them, but make sure you read up on your lore ahead of time.

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Gotta collect all them outer planes!

Liberty's Edge

So stoked that this is culminating in meeting the Ruby Phoenix herself!

Liberty's Edge

I suspect that we won't actually meet her in this. I suspect that dealing with her will either be a 12-15 or the 1st edition culmination multi-table.

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What maps are used?

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Maps appearing in this scenario:

This scenario makes use of the following maps. In addition, I recommend having a blank Flip-Mat handy, as there's a possible encounter that takes place in an open area.
  • Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Museum
  • Pathfinder Map Pack: Magic Academy
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    *grabby hands*

    Shadow Lodge

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    The table of contents calls it Tapestry's Toil.

    Scarab Sages

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    Folks, there is a slight typo on p. 6.

    Major spoiler for scenario:
    It states that it's a Hard Perception check to "get the feeling of being watched", but the scenario doesn't list what a Hard check for the subtiers might be. A Hard Perception check at subtier 7-8 is 28, and at subtier 10-11, it's a 33.

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