Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-30: Survivor's Salvation

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1-4.

When a recently returned Exo-Guardian goes missing from their regular meetings at a survivor's clinic, the PCs get called in to assist. What begins as a routine investigation quickly leads into the depths of Absalom Station, where the PCs learn that there's much more than criminals to be afraid of.

Content in Survivor's Salvation also contributes to the ongoing goals of the Exo-Guardians faction.

Written by Kiel Howell

Scenario Tags: Faction (Exo-Guardians)

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Save the starfinders, save the station


Starts off a little dark and serious but quickly becomes a very fun investigation and even more fun fights. I love how the scenario takes the events of the previous scenarios and deals with the fallout in far more depth than "and then they live happily ever after..."

The NPCs have fairly detailed and believable backgrounds, not just that guy you shoot.

If you're running this, be prepared for the party to run certain points of the scenario in either order.


This was a very different scenario. It features serious content, a lot of social encounters, a few tough decisions, an interesting final few fights, and allows players to make decisions that will have an effect on the characters around them. The things you do matter. Which is really nice. That said, this scenario won't be for everyone.

This scenario touches on serious themes such as mental health, PTSD, and depression, so if you’re uncomfortable with such topics, you might want to give this scenario a pass. If you happen to have any characters who are doctors, psychologists, healers, or particularly caring or empathic I highly recommend you bring them. This is a great scenario to role-play such characters. On the other hand, if you’ve got particularly blood-thirsty, insensitive, or mean PCs, I recommend you let them sit this one out, and bring a different character. Finally, it should be noted that my kids (who are nearly seven and eight years old) would be freaked out by one of the encounters in this scenario. It involves... Oh, lets call it body horror, I suppose. You have been warned! Haha.

The PCs are tasked with finding a missing ex-Starfinder who runs mental health clinic called Respite. Mental health is a touchy subject for some, and I thought this scenario did a wonderful job of shining a light on trauma, depression, post-traumatic stress, and other mental health issues, along with the stigma that can be associated with them, without being insensitive or preachy. You have plenty of opportunities as players to offer support to, gain insight from, and empathize with the various side characters throughout this scenario, all while fulfilling your mission objectives. In fact, the opening series of social encounters at and around Respite turned out to be one of my very favourite parts of the scenario. I also really enjoyed the tense social interactions that could occur in the middle of the scenario. The true villains of this scenario were exceptionally well-utilized, and I can’t wait to see what further events they could later be linked to. The final battle can be quite dynamic.

Overall, I loved this scenario. It had a ton of engaging social interactions, interesting enemies, and a dynamic final encounter. It’s one of those scenarios where your actions clearly matter. But, as mentioned before, the content and tone of this scenario are not for everyone. If you want comedy or a simple hack and slash you'll want to look elsewhere.

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Hey its releasing on my birthday no less!

Starfinder Society Developer

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Maps appearing in this adventure:

Two custom half-page maps.

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A missing vet, a tour of the city's underworld, a long trip into seedy darkness? Did Kiel Howell watch a bunch of Film Noir before writing this?

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

thecursor wrote:

A missing vet, a tour of the city's underworld, a long trip into seedy darkness? Did Kiel Howell watch a bunch of Film Noir before writing this?

I definitely have an appreciation for the genre!

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

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First review 5 stars?! Hooray!

Sovereign Court

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theheadkase wrote:
First review 5 stars?! Hooray!

Nicely done!

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