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Benjamin Medrano has made something incredible with 365 Magic Items.

Inside you’ll find weapons and armor, shields and rings, rods, staves, crowns, and wondrous items of all sorts.

You’ll find magical sets, such as the celestial crescents and set of the fool. You’ll find sets of sin ranging from envy to wrath.

Within are weapons of incredible power, such as bonedrinker, blade of the moon, and the elemental wheel. Alongside them are commoner tools, such as the coin of good fortune and magistrate’s gavel.

Have a character concept? You’ll find something for it within. Need a campaign-driving MacGuffin? Try the pearl of life or crown of the necromantic lord (or dozens more).

Maybe you’d like an eternity seal to lock away a cursed treasure? Or an ephemeral breastplate for a quick escape? Or a clone amulet for the ultimate backup plan?

You’ll find all that, and hundreds upon hundreds more, within.


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Shadow Lodge

This one was a lot of fun! Some excellent items in here for every imaginable situation.

I can't say how glad I am to see this in the light of day. I hope people enjoy the items, and am in awe of the work that was put into getting it published.

This product is 60+ pages of imaginative and categorized magic items. Ready-made and easy to slip into the hands of an NPC or to be used for that special touch that sets a PC apart.

This tome is filled with weapons, armor, gear, and magical hoodoo to suit practically every situation. The power level spans the adventurer spectrum from goblin-bait to dragon destroyer and the GM's antagonists can find just the right tool for the job, ranging from the Guy-Who-Attacks-Them-In-the-Alley (and escapes with that cool instant wall thingy) to The Destroyer of Kingdoms that flattened the druid's animal companion with one hammer blow that shattered the floor of the dungeon.

Items range from simple and straightforward to potentially earth-shattering (literally... well, ground-shattering) with the majority suited for mid to higher levels. The weapons tend to skew slightly higher but that's easily the largest category so there's no shortage of creative and fun toys for apprentice mages or rookie adventurers to strive for.

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