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New Themes for Starfinder!
A collection of new themes for the Starfinder Roleplaying game. We felt a lot of obvious/common themes were overlooked in the initial development of Stafinder. We allowed ourselves to explore possibly negative or harmful thematic elements (such as being a slave or an addict) so that we could expand the options players had in presenting their characters. This book requires the Starfinder Core Rulebook to be used.


  • Addict
  • Aristocrat
  • Artisan
  • Government
  • Partisan
  • Performer
  • Privateer
  • Slave

Variant Themes:

  • Ascetic (Variant Priest Theme)
  • Hired Gun (Variant Bounty Hunter Theme)

Page Count: 11 (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 7 content)
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