Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild #5-1: Threads Unravel PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Tier 1 characters.

Grab your spyglass and get ready to set sail! Your trusty crew of Pathfinder Society agents and sailors are the first to be called to action when top Pathfinder Society wizard Aram Zey makes a terrible discovery. A demiplane filled with a bounty of historical treasures and numerous peoples is on the verge of collapse. Face sea monsters, the walking dead, and the wrath of the sea itself as you race to help stop imminent destruction.

This Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild scenario bundle contains five scenarios, an adventure card, the adventure path card for Season of Tapestry's Tides, and Chronicle sheets for players to keep track of their progress. These scenarios require the Skull and Shackles Base Set. Groups of 5 or 6 players also require the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull and Shackles Character Add-On Deck.

The scenarios included are:

  • Tide of Bones
  • The Grindylow Gambit
  • The Devil and the Storm
  • In Thieves' Wake
  • To Seal the Dead

Mechanical Design by Keith Richmond and Story by Luis Loza.

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