Spheres Apocrypha, Nature Talents: Metal, Plant, Water (PFRPG) PDF

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This PDF features 5 new Nature talents, 2 new spellcraftings, 3 new feats, and a new Nature sphere drawback, all focused around the Plant, Water, and Metal packages of the Nature sphere from the Spheres of Power system.

Designed for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Go beyond the basics with Spheres Apocrypha!

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5.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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An Endzeitgeist.com review


This Spheres Apocrypha-installment clocks in at 4 pages, 1 page front cover, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 2 pages of content, so let’s take a look!

This pdf contains 5 new basic talents: Deep Nature lets you, when you spend a spell point to make geomancing last for a round per CL sans concentration to make that last for 1 minute per caster level instead. (Spirit) instead has that upgraded from 1 minute per caster level to 10 minutes per caster level. Muss Pummel has the (plantlife) tag and nets you more branches when using Pummel, provided you spend another spell point. The other 3 talents are the “lord-talents” for the three themes covered here, and have the appropriate tag. Metallord increases your ore size when using recover ore. Plantlord increases the size category when using pummel, and increases CL for Grow Plants. Waterlord lets you affect twice the amount of targets (size category reference not properly capitalized) with freeze without compromising the ice’s thickness.

The pdf comes with a new nature sphere drawback, which only nets you one base ability from a single geomancing package. Feat-wise, we get Terrain Strider, which nets you +4 to saves vs. Nature sphere talents and effects of ability packages you have. The (Dual Sphere) feat for use with Enhancement, March of the Treants, lets you use pummel in conjunction with making the tree mobile. Cool! Primal Blast is a Destruction sphere crossover, and allows you to use casting ability modifier instead of Strength or Dexterity when using blasts that correspond to your geomancing ability packages. A handy table is included.

Finally, this pdf contains two new spellcrafted spells, both of which clock in at 2 spell points as the cost. Hydrate (spirit, water) lets you heal untyped dehydration nonlethal damage, and may be used to harm fire critters - cool! Tree perch (plant, geomancing) requires loose sand or dirt and lets you spontaneously create a massive pine tree with branches space perfectly for climbing. Neat!

Editing and formatting are very good on a formal and rules-language level. Layout adheres to the series’ two-column full-color standard, and the pdf has no bookmarks, but doesn’t need any at this length.

Derfael Oliveira’s expansion for these spheres this time around has quite a bunch of cool tricks – well worth getting for the low asking price. My final verdict will clock in at 4.5 stars, rounded up due to in dubio pro reo.

Endzeitgeist out.

Scarab Sages Webstore Coordinator

Now Available!

Reviewed first on endzeitgeist.com, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS, etc.

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