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By Matt Morris

For the Pathfinder RPG customer who wants a little more, Everyman Gaming is proud to introduce Everyman Minis! Uniting several high-quality Pathfinder RPG freelancers under a single product line, each week a different Everyman Gaming author or freelancer tackles an exciting new topic by creating a miniature product specially designed to scratch that product’s particular itch.

This installment of Everyman Minis includes: 1,000 words detailing a half-dozen new archetypes for animal companions, including elemental spawn, pointer and performer. Also included are several all-new feats to help give your animal companion the edge it needs in any situation, such as Entertaining Companion, Unusual Intelligence, and more!

With Everyman Gaming, innovation is never more than a page away!

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Looking for the best for man's best friend? Then look no further than Everyman Minis: Animal Companion Archetypes! Penned by the esteemed Matt Morris, this latest installment of Everyman Minis offers you a half-dozen new archetypes to customize your animal companions by suffusing them with elemental energy, making them extra entertaining, or helping them to pinpoint hidden adversaries. Also included are several new feats to further augment their bodies and minds, like Entertaining Companion or Unusual Intelligence.

Give your animal companion all the love and customization it deserves, with Everyman Minis: Animal Companion Archetypes!

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