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This Super-Powered Savage Worlds RPG release brings you The Mystic Archetype. This ready-to-go character build provides a foundation for you to develop a hero of your own who wields magic by the mysterious art of spellcraft. Gamemasters can also use the archetype as the basis for quickly building NPC heroes or villains off-the-cuff.

Each Super Archetype presents the basic build, plus ideas for some typical roles the character may fill, along with variations you may want to explore.

This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

Both a color and print-friendly version of the product are included.

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