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The demigod Celestial Heroes have conquered the world and raised civilization to precipitous heights but only YOU can save it from destruction!

On the eve of evil's twilight as malevolence nearly became undone on the decopunk utopia of Askis the terrible machinations of rogue mad scientists instilled a vein of corruption throughout the populace. Though they are few these malcontents are irreprensibly vile and in tandem with the foul minds that touched their nascent souls with evil, the world once more needs heroes.

You are one such hero, and with this book the power of good is YOURS! What will you find in the pages of the Book of Celestial Heroes?

  • The goody-two shoes twin of the Book of Exalted Darkness
  • Two new classes--the Exemplar (a hero all about glory) and the revised Feywalker (when flight and fancy are more important)--along with holy archetypes for every class
  • Holy spells
  • Holy rituals
  • Holy feats
  • Heck, there's even a holy hand grenade (which explodes on the count of 3--not 5, but 3)
  • The decopunk utopia world and Spheres of Askis, great works the PCs must bolster to save civilization from destruction
  • Tailored magic items that become more powerful as an adventurer gains prowess
  • Equipment and inaequa-technology that run the gamut from flashlights to jetpacks and locomotives (along with vehicular combat rules)
  • All the poisons plus a few new ones, diseases galore, and extra madness and insanities
  • Six powerful mad scientist villains each with their own lackeys and lairs joining more than 50 NPCs and monsters
  • Searching the River Styx, a scaling adventure for PCs of 3rd-16th level and just the right thing when the group goes down from an evil TPK!
  • Rise to the challenge of true goodness and mercy in this 286-page blessed book for 5th Edition today and Make Your Game Legendary!

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    ***** (based on 1 rating)

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    Great purchase with or without the The Book of Exalted Darkness . This book offers a fantasy setting rich in flavor that is a fresh and creative take on the classic elements of D&D. A solid list classes, spells, creatures and feats help make this world unique and different from the countless others out there. The setting is versatile and intuitive and is developed very well and features tons of things that kindle the imagination.
    The layout of the book is pretty great and it features beautiful art throughout, to help you visualize what the setting has created and evoke the right mood. A lot of effort has gone into the making of this book so that DMs can effortlessly bring all of the content directly into their games. Everything seems to be well balanced and the included adventure is pretty fun as well!
    Overall, I think this a great book for anyone who loves decopunk fantasy and wants something different from the standard setting.

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    Woohoo! Time to grab something really GOOD for your 5E game!

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