Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild #4-6: Blood Lord's Lament PDF

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This Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild scenario bundle contains five scenarios, an adventure card, the adventure path card for Season of Factions' Favor, and Chronicle sheets for players to keep track of their progress.

The scenarios included are:

  • The Bellator Mortus Gamble
  • In Death's Shadow
  • Hunted in the Undead City
  • Face of Fatality
  • Revenant Court Revealed

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Sigh... the download includes only 1 of the 5 scenarios... 4 pages are missing!!!! :(

Has this been fixed yet?


Silver Crusade

Still an issue?

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber; Starfinder Charter Superscriber

This is the response I got from Customer Service:

We spoke a while ago over the phone about the Blood Lord’s Lament PDF and it’s missing scenarios. I have been in contact with the webstore team since, and they informed me that the remaining scenarios for that module are not yet released! The PDF will be continually updated with the new scenarios as they come out. If your account is set up to receive emails about updated digital content, you will receive an email when this PDF is updated with the new scenarios as they are developed.

For now, I have been informed those scenarios are meant to be missing until they are released. It seems they are currently in production. Thank you for your patience while I gathered this information. Hopefully you can look forward to the new scenarios being released! Thank you!

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How unusual. Normally the compiled advengture is published after all scenarios have been released individually. Weird.

That sounds just wrong - why should Paizo sell an incomplete product? Somebody really screwed this up.

As an FYI, all of the scenarios have been published. An update has been pushed out.

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