Starfinder Skitter Shot

4.30/5 (based on 3 ratings)
GameMastery Module D0: Hollow's Last Hope (OGL)

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All Hands on Deck!

Don't worry, the skittermanders are here to help!

When a routine salvage operation deep in the Vast goes awry, the skittermanders Dakoyo, Gazigaz, Nako, and Quonx must board a luxurious cruise liner controlled by a rogue artificial intelligence to save their vesk boss and a group of hapless passengers. All manner of obstacles block their path to success, from malfunctioning massage tables to cybernetic undead to vermin from another plane, but if the skittermanders can work together (something skittermanders do best), they are sure to be hailed as tiny, furry heroes! That is, of course, if the passing pirate starship doesn't blast them all out of space first...

In addition to this exciting adventure, this book includes four pregenerated characters that are ready to play, with full stat blocks and backstories. The inside back cover also holds a wealth of information that will help you roleplay the six-armed creatures, such as their species' thoughts on food, religion, and how to relate to other cultures, as well as examples of skittermander slang.

Skitter Shot is an adventure for four skittermander characters who are eager to help those in need and explore a seemingly abandoned starship, written for the wildly popular Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

Starfinder Society: This module is sanctioned for play in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild.
Download the rules and Chronicle sheet (872kb zip/PDF)

Pregenerated Characters: This module include four 2nd-level skittermander characters: Dakoyo, Gazigaz, Nako, and Quonx.
Download the pregenerated characters (1.1MB zip/PDF)

Release: This special 16-page Starfinder adventure was created for Free RPG Day on June 16, 2018. The print edition will be available for sale and a free download will be available on beginning July 1, 2018.

Note: Due to the special nature of this product, it is NOT part of any subscription.

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4.30/5 (based on 3 ratings)

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Space Handful


A GREAT scenario!
Super fun, super enjoyable, very moving...
Great little characters.
And you then want to keep on playing them.


Exciting One-Shot


Skitter Shot is an enjoyable short adventure. I recently ran it with
four friends playing only the included characters, and it was a
success. The exciting plot propelled the game forward quickly, and the
some of the encounters posed real challenges. Overall, it’s a
well-written, carefully detailed and self-contained module that is
definitely worth more than its $0.00 price tag. I absolutely recommend
running this game if you’re in search of a good Starfinder one-shot, and kudos to Paizo for making available at no cost!

A few quibbles and thoughts on the module:

The plot plays to the helpful, nature of the skittermanders, but
otherwise provides limited material for a “skittermander game”. Unlike
Paizo’s goblin campaigns, Skitter Shot basically sticks some
skittermanders in a normal Starfinder adventure. This is fine, but
doesn’t develop the race’s character or culture much. The campaign
comes with a “10 facts about skittermanders” page and some
“skittermander slang” infoboxes. This is nice, but, without any
skittermander NPCs, it’s up to the players to make use of these
details. Mine ignored them.

The pregenerated party is well-balanced, but the mystic Dakoyo seems
totally unsuited for the adventure. He’s a capable healer, but his
weapons (needler pistol and battle staff) are inadequate, his major
damage-dealing spell (mind thrust) is useless against the game’s
construct enemies, and he has no skills relevant to starship combat.
In my game, Dakoyo spent 90% of his combat time hurling debris with
Telekinetic Projectile, but, due to his low stats and all-kinetic
attacks, had a pretty hard time hitting anything. I would advise a
player to make their own mystic rather than play Dakoyo.


The micrometeoroid storm was punishing for one character (15 damage,
taking out all of their SP) and wallpaper for the rest. Since it’s not
important to the plot and can hobble the party “out of the gate”, I’d
recommend dropping it.

It’s a short adventure, but it’s disappointing that large chunks of
the Emerald Empyrean are mostly empty. In particular, the casino and
cabin areas seem like missed opportunities, and you may want to add
something to these areas.

Another reviewer mentioned the difficulty of solving the observation
deck encounter without someone with a strong Mysticism check. This
wasn’t a problem with my party, but Nako did choose to try to smash
one of the pedestals—which I allowed her to do, after coming up with
some item stats. It might take a while, but this brute-force solution
seems reasonable for a mysticism-challenged party.

My players opted out of the Pirate Attack! section of the module,
which made the ending a little anticlimactic. There’s an option for a
short version of the starship battle (namely to have the pirate flee
after taking HP damage), which I’d recommend over dropping the battle

Entertaining Adventure



Skitter Shot is Paizo’s Free RPG Day offering for Starfinder in 2018. It’s a standalone, one-shot adventure that casts the players in the role of skittermanders, the delightfully friendly and (sometimes over-)helpful race of six-armed aliens that have become the game’s unofficial mascot through popular appeal. This review is based on playing through it once and then reading it. Overall, it’s a fun adventure that, despite a few flaws, should leave players in a good mood when they’re done with it. It’s really hard to hate skittermanders because they’re just so darned . . . helpful!


The premise of Skitter Shot is that a vesk space scavenger named Nakonechkin has hired a crew of four skittermanders to help him with his work. When Nakonechkin disappears while exploring a luxury liner that’s inexplicably drifting in space, it’s up to the skittermanders to find him and figure out what’s wrong. The answer turns out to be a rogue AI on the cruise ship that has turned the ship’s systems against its crew and passengers! To save the day, the skittermanders will need to disable the AI and fight off a hostile pirate ship.

The inside front cover of the module provides the layout of the cruise ship, while the inside back cover provides a nice list of “10 Facts About Skittermanders” that should be read to players before the session. The module comes with a full-page character sheet for each of the skittermanders (they’re Level 2) that includes an entertaining bio and high-quality artwork. Each of the skittermanders has a distinct personality and role, which always helps to bring pre-gens to life.

The adventure itself is divided into three parts.

In Part 1, “Docking Procedures,” the PCs realize that Nakonechkin has been gone for too long and isn’t responding to communications. They’ll have to do a spacewalk over to the cruise ship (the “Emerald Empyrean”) and force their way through an airlock to gain entry. Apart from the risk of being struck by micro-meteteroids, this part’s pretty easy and straightforward.

Part II, “Relaxation Protocols,” is where the adventure really heats up. The PCs have to fend off security robots who think they are “pets” and should be caged accordingly, robotic massage tables that have trapped Nakonechkin into an endless (and painful) massage, strange shadowy caterpillar-like creepers that have somehow drifted onto the ship from the Shadow Plane, a former crew member that has arisen as a cybernetic zombie, and more. The encounters are done well and are interesting, but I did find that as both a player and a later reader that it was hard to make sense of how some of the encounters could be traced to the rogue AI aboard the ship.

Part III, “Termination Measures,” is where the PCs have to do a sort of skills challenge (complicated by radiation and electricity traps) in order to shut down the rogue AI. There’s a problem in the encounter design for this one that is also found in the earlier encounter against the shadow creepers: only one of the four PCs has the skills necessary to succeed, and if that PC is dead or disabled, the party is pretty much out of luck! More specifically, only the one PC trained in Engineering can disable the AI, and only the one PC trained in Mysticism can stop the shadow creepers from respawning each round. Arguably, this could be a way for each PC to get a chance to shine, but with a little bad luck the PCs could find themselves in an unwinnable situation. This part of the adventure also has a battle against space pirates (optional if time is short) that suffers from the same problem I’ve unfortunately found with Starfinder starship combat in general: it’s a long slog that provides more tedium and frustration than exciting thrills. Still, it is a way to show new players what the system has to offer. [as an aside, the artwork for the pirate ship depicts a witch straight out of the credits from Bewitched, something that I found distracting for a futuristic SF game set in another galaxy!]

There’s then a nice little conclusion that has Navonechkin offering the skittermanders their own ship as partners in his business, setting things up nicely for future adventures in future years. I would like to see more skittermander adventures in the future—they were fun and very different to the normal tone of the game; as long as they don’t get overused.

Overall, although not perfect, you really can’t complain about such a well-done, professionally written and illustrated adventure that is 100% free. It’s an entertaining, welcome addition to what Starfinder has to offer.

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Ordered! :)

Good to have some free Skitter-Shooting stuff out there for SF. ;)

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snagged the free download and ordered the physical for my collection. July is looking like a great month for Paizo products!

Where is the chronicle sheet for this? I'm running it on Gameday and I see no chronicle sheet in the module.

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DoubleGold wrote:
Where is the chronicle sheet for this? I'm running it on Gameday and I see no chronicle sheet in the module.

It's right on this page, up above where it says "Starfinder Society: Download the rules and Chronicle sheet".

The green skittermander Gazigaz is using a tactical baton (operative property) and has a Dex modifier of +2, so his attack bonus with it should/could be a +3 instead of a +1.

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We ran through most of it yesterday.

The reason that it was "most" and not "all" was that we were having too good of a time.

It's a fun little romp.

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Getting ready to build maps and GM this scenario in the near future. Does anyone have any suggestions for good minis to use for the skittermander characters? Having a hard time deciding what kind of mini to use that adequately depicts them.

Dark Archive

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Brell Stormforge wrote:
Getting ready to build maps and GM this scenario in the near future. Does anyone have any suggestions for good minis to use for the skittermander characters? Having a hard time deciding what kind of mini to use that adequately depicts them.

I use the "Slaad Spawn" #36 from 2009's D&D "DDM3: Legendary Evils" set for the blue one, it works surprisingly well, even if it has only two arms.

You could either repaint three others or, if you want a small creature with more arms, use a "Chitine", #47 from 2003's Dragoneye set, as it has 4 arms.

Or you could use a "Grindylow" (Skull & Shackles #1) for the blue one, a Goblin for the green one, a Kobold for the red one & a Magmin for the orange one. ;-)

TeliTubbies! Now we need a Barney to make it complete..

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