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It’s dangerous to go alone, so join us as we explore the races and classes of several different settings through the lens of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Haven’t found it yet? We’ll add it!

The Book of Many Things Volume 2 is the latest repository of options built from fan requests related to its theme. Inside is a compilation of character options related to different video games, movies, cartoons, and other mediums; fleshed out and made playable. Surprise enemies with your array of combat options as a generational hero. Hunt dragon pirates through the realities, or become one yourself. Become a master of whip, sword, and cross as you stalk the creatures that go bump in the night. You could even become an outlaw, beast master, or shadow priest. A variety of different races, classes, archetypes, feats, and spells await within the Book of Many Things Volume 2.

The Book of Many Things is a series of regularly updated resources, with new content being added over time. If you have something you’d like to request, just reach out to us and we’ll work with you to try and include it. You’ll even receive a thank you in the credits.

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Recent Update 4/17/2018

==General Updates==

Volume 2 is officially live! Pared down chapters and prepared them for new content.


Fiari – Desert warriors with bright red manes of hair who once followed the Sorcerer King of Zaelin.

Minotaurs – A powerful race from the world of Volwryn, seeking their place in the world.

Runekin – Earthen craftsmen from the earliest days of Zaelin who wish for peace but prepare for war with their alchemical talents.

Tsura - A race of waterdwelling beings who have faith that true heroes can even beat destiny.

Other Races – New options for elflings, ursaren, and vine leshys with a focus on the worlds of Zaelin and Volwryn.


Generational Heroes – On Zaelin, a great hero is born every generation to help fight back the evil that threatens the world. These generational heroes master several different forms of combat, minor alchemy, and even modest forms of magic to complete their task.

Monster Tamers - The dwarves of the Kingdom of Monsters have taken to training companions of their own. Not only do they befriend monsters (rather than capture them), they can learn to become one themselves.

==Archetypes and Class Options==

Alchemist – Groon bombardiers are bomb-focused alchemists who gain their powerful explosives in exchange for weaker extracts.

Generational Hero – The twin blade is a hero who draws his traits from an artifact still bound to his homeworld. Usng its power, he can split into multiple warriors, each able to battle alongside the rest. Meanwhile, the Big Groon Blademaster and silver scale hero take their generational hero training in different directions while staying true to its source.

Magus – Sorcerer thanes are magi trained by the mighty sorcerer king. Thieves at heart, they practice magic and trickery with equal fervor.

Paladin – As paladins go, walkers in the sun have a different way of helping their allies and harming their enemies (particularly undead).

==Character Options==

A handful of new feats take inspiration from the shattered worlds, allowing characters to quickly duck behind a barrel after killing somebody, create a pair of magic rings through which others can pass, or even bolster their own souls with the deaths of others.


Learn to cast the deadly fallout spell, which not only sets things on fire, but also poisons it for a long, long time. Available to clerics, wizards, and alchemists (with a grand discovery).


Added several new, specific weapons and magical equipment for characters wishing to see items that exist within the shattered worlds. Wield a groonsword, buster blade, or a warhammer of the eternal crusade (for only forty-thousand gold!); wear a mask that transforms you into another race, or crack open a fairy bottle for some quick healing.

Update incoming! (Should be approved today or tomorrow.)

Dragon souls: Whether you're a human, orc, catfolk, or reptoid, you may have been born with the soul of a dragon, which lets you create magic that takes others years to master.

Nerudes: A rotund, catlike race that prefers to sleep and eat, but will adventure in order to sleep, and eat.

Dalits: This amorphous race gains the option to transform into other races for a short time, much like a certain purple monster...

Astrologer: Gaze at the stars and use their power to help your companions and stop your enemies with this straight-forward spellcaster.

Gamer: Do you enjoy roleplaying complex classes like the druid, kineticist, or vigilante? Then the gamer is definitely for you.

Potentialist: Don't move! From a creative prompt by fellow designer Scott Gladstein, the potentialist gets more done by staying still than any other.

Pythia: Concept by Paul Vincent Hughes: The pythias are to druids as sorcerers are to wizards and oracles are to clerics. They are seers from another time and relative dimension; forced to adapt their gifts to the natural world to survive after being exiled by the people over whom they once ruled.

Jade Dreamer: Pythias who have given themselves fully to druidic magic by letting go of their former lives.

Wolf Heart: A mercenary of sorts, the wolf heart is a ranger with some alchemical knowledge related to mutagens, bombs, and extracts. He also learns a selection of specialized sigils he can create to aid him in combat.

Several referencial feats were added for ease of use.

Summon Fantasy Tactics make the illusions you summon a little more real.

Witcher lets you increase your alchemical item damage.

Multiclass feats for each of the current 6 classes, as well as all existing base classes have been added (core class multiclass feats can be found in Volume 1).

Several referencial spells were added for ease of use.

Added the astrologer spell lists for each constellation.

Baptism of fire lets you burn out the evil in your friends and enemies, while detect stellar alignment tells you what constellation they may be channeling at present.

Each of the Summon Fantasy Spells (I through VII) allow you to summon the illusion of a powerful creature that benefits you and your allies more if your enemies believe it is real. Final Fantasy lets you do this in the event that you die.

Finally, topple gives your sorcerer or wizard the opportunity to knock an enemy over before they can reach you.

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Bought it.
First, I love the reference feats. There's a problem with the astrologer feats, they all say: "This is a summary of the feat for the astrologer class"

On the classes I'm meh on most of them. I do like the Generational Hero and Potentialist. I'd be more of a fan of the Monster Tamer if he could stash his Adopted monster in an item like a crystal ball or something, instead of merging with it.

On the Generational Hero the only talent I don't like is Blessed Arrows. By 17th level if you use a bow at all, you have a bow better than an Oathbow. I would vote lowering the prerequisite to level 15. Oh, and Master Sword needs to say the Generational Hero counts as a Paladin so he can actually fully use the Holy Avenger.

I would like to request a couple of talents for the Generational Hero, to represent those other generational heroes who fight Dracula: a talent to fight with whips (maybe like the Whip of Vengeance Vigilante Talent) and a Vampire Killer advanced talent that makes any whip a +5 Holy Whip with some bonuses like the Oathbow or the Holy Avenger. Maybe make the Vampire Killer a magical item so the talent is more similar to Blessed Arrows?Master Sword? And an advanced talent to make the Boomerang a Cross Boomerang with Holy damage.

I like the Potentialist, but I noticed he has no restriction to Attacks of Opportunity. I think I see how to build him to sill hit people while keeping Capacity up.
Unmoving is straight up better than using your normal move specially after eight level when you can teleport more with a swift action that you could walk with a move action. For balance I would say reduce its increases to five feet for every 3 levels so it tops at 45 feet instead of 65 feet.
And I just realized you could generate Capacity while taking double moves and doing laps around the fight. Funny, but maybe the potentialist could use some more incentive for not moving, or teleporting with Unmoving, maybe in the form of talents or an archetype. Heck I would be interested o an archetype that traded Unmoving. The benefit for not moving should not be the ability to move better.

Just realized but the Potentialist still generates Capacity while sleeping. With Brim with Potential that means that after he wakes up he has Capacity for eight hours straight even if makes standard actions.
Maybe he shouldn't generate Capacity while unconcious or dying, or otherwise incapable of taking standard actions. Maybe it should be a conscious effort he has to do.

Finally the Twin Blade Hero doesn't gain more uses of Clone. And the fifth take of Tough Clones is useless, they already share your teamwork feats so the player is exchanging a talent for a single feat. Brothers should also increase their attack or damage while flanking with the hero or another clone.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yesterday was the review, now for some requests:

A class I really would like would be an Iron Chef type, inspired by Dungeon Meshi, Toriko, and some hunters from HxH.

Going with the gaming theme, two ideas:

Jump Master, a brawler archetype (because little fat plumbers are not monks). Should get impoved jump distances and at the very least abilities like:
Stomp: Deal extra damage when attacking as part of a jump, can jump as part of a charge
Platform Jumping: As a full round action jump, hit a wall or enemy and jump again, works as both parkour and spring attack
Spin Jump: Spin while jumping to gain defensive bonuses

Turret Summoner, a Summoner archetype that summons a immobile turret with ranged capabilities, based on Torbjorn and Symmetra from Overwatch, Engineer from TF2, Barik from Paladins. Would have been cooler if Paizo had made an engineer class for this, but Summoner works.

VM mercenario wrote:

Thank you so much for both the feedback and the requests! I will definitely look into those further and make sure everything lines up before it's finished.

On a related note; and for anybody else just tuning in, I'm gearing up for the Book of Many Things Kickstarter on Friday. I'll post more about it once it's live, but in the meantime, you can find some previews on our Facebook page.

Our Kickstarter is officially live, for those of you who would like to get copies of Volumes 1 and 2 in hardcover.

The Book of Many Things Kickstarter

Awesome, we're only 3 days in, and already we've achieved so much!

For those of you who already have the PDF of both volumes 1 and 2 (you rock!), we have updated the project in the post above to meet your needs and give you something more to back for than just the printed copies and a pdf you already have. We even have a public update detailing the addition.

Neat. But I noticed I'm not included in the requesters list. Is it because you don't have my real name or because I haven't requested enough? Cause I can request more.

Wait, with kickstarter going on, should I even request more? Kinda cheating the people who are paying for custom stuff. I had a few more ideas to request but I guess I'll hold on to them for after the kicksarter/for volume 3.

VM mercenario wrote:

Wait, with kickstarter going on, should I even request more? Kinda cheating the people who are paying for custom stuff. I had a few more ideas to request but I guess I'll hold on to them for after the kicksarter/for volume 3.

Well I don't work for Samurai Sheepdog or even play one on tv, but I imagine worse comes to worse they won't use your requests, so I'd say go for it. If you have a suggestion that makes them go "Oh, I've got to do that!" that's a good thing. :)

I know for example that I'd be even more excited if they included an archetype for the battle augur that turns it into a full on Megaman the pathfinder class.

VM mercenario wrote:

Neat. But I noticed I'm not included in the requesters list. Is it because you don't have my real name or because I haven't requested enough? Cause I can request more.

Wait, with kickstarter going on, should I even request more? Kinda cheating the people who are paying for custom stuff. I had a few more ideas to request but I guess I'll hold on to them for after the kicksarter/for volume 3.

Hey, sorry, busy week and all :).

Yikes! I didn't even realize that I hadn't added you. I appreciate all of your contributions so far, so I will absolutely will fix it for the update coming out on Monday/Tuesday. By chance, did you want to PM me your actual name for inclusion, or are you cool with just VM Mercenario? Either is fine with me (my niece is Wood Louse! lol)

Yes, please do continue making requests and I'll be happy to include them as I'm able. The paid spots on the Kickstarter are to guarantee that I set everything else aside and give you a special layout for them dedicated to you. As StSword mentioned, we just can't promise all requests can make it in immediately, but I have a list of them and add them as I can.

The June Update for the Book of Many Things is officially live. Between world soul races and magical locations, this month's update certainly ups the wow factor!

We're trying out using acrobat layers so you can turn off the background to make it easier to print pages as references. Please let us know what you think of this option. If it seems to make the PDF too cumbersome, we'll take layers back out so it's easier to navigate again.

World Souls: a collection of races fit under the umbrella of world souls; races from the world of volwryn who fight an endless war against each other when their not uniting to take on a larger threat. These races include different takes on dwarves, elves, gnomes, minotaurs, trolls, and tieflings.

--- bison-fur minotaurs are wooly beasts who practice spiritualism in their frozen mountain homes.

--- bronzemane dwarves who give up defensive training and hardy for heartier stats and the ability to change into stone to prevent some effects.

--- elk-horn minotaurs with damage reduction and greater survival skills.

--- eternal flame minotaurs worship a fire god who grants them resistance and a blessing of Charisma.

--- the strong and charismatic exiled tieflings who can heal allies naturally with a touch.

--- forest trollkin; a smaller cousin to the typical troll, with some fast healing and the ability to cast haste or rage on themselves.

--- gamma gnomes are tech gnomes struck by disaster and driven a little more than mad. They're tough, angry little gnomes who resist fire and acid damage even while dealing it out themselves.

--- high elves who favor being natural hunters and expert marksmen.

--- ironfire dwarves who can temporarily increase their resistance and their natural armor against attacks.

--- moon elves act as stalkers and fast predators at home in nature.

--- shadow elves are a newer race still seeking their place in the world. Touched by shadow, they must master it before it consumes them.

--- star elves secluded themselves from their brethren for many years. Now that they have returned, they act as diplomats for their people and practice new ways to express magic.

--- star-forged tieflings, a race that brings their centuries of fighting evil to bear with the stars' judgment.

--- sun elves set themselves apart from high elves by focusing on a city-based society over a life in the woods.

--- tech gnomes are master tinkers with expansive talents in anything they learn.

--- wildhill dwarves are more natural in their teachings than other world soul dwarves. They raise griffons and use them as companions.

--- withered star elves are those who were deprived of their magic for too long. Forced to adapt, they lose much of their arcane ability, but gain surprising strength and feral senses.

Priests of Volwryn bring a new way of worshiping to the table. By focusing their discipline on the healing light or shadow magic, they can shield their allies while forcing their enemies to accept penance for their transgressions.

World Soul Fury Warriors are barbarians who spend fury to cut down their foes, regaining it as they rack up critical hits and kills.

Meanwhile, pythia gain two new archetypes based on druid archetypes of similar names, and the shamans of volwryn represent themselves as champions of the elements.

Swashbucklers finish out the chapter with a more bardic approach to their abilities in the buccaneer.

==Character Options==
Several racial feats have made the move to this chapter where appropriate or when the race isn't featured prominently in this volume.

The warg convergence allows you to control animals and divine the past through them. With experience, you can even control smarter creatures at a price.

==Magic Items==
Magical locations now exist using the Pathfinder rules. Visit haunted mansions, world forges once used to create races, sleepy glades, and dangerous black obelisks that attract undead and bolster the brave. A total of 9 magical locations can be found in this update, with more to come in future months.

We have only 4 days left in our Kickstarter campaign to get printed copies of volumes 1 and 2. If you already have both existing pdf volumes, you can still join us to pick up a copy of the exclusive content and we'll work with you to get you a proper reward as thanks for supporting us.

Book of Many Things Kickstarter Campaign

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This kickstarter is coming along nicely. I love how it adds so many odds and ends to Pathfinder before the edition change.

Brother Fen wrote:
This kickstarter is coming along nicely. I love how it adds so many odds and ends to Pathfinder before the edition change.

Thank you! :) And we'll certainly continue to support this edition of Pathfinder while you continue to support us.

First let me say, I love the Priest of Volwryn.

And here's a batch of requests, since you guys insist:

First request is for the Bard. I recently noticed bards are seriously lacking representation on one form or Art: the plastic arts. There are some 3pp Artisan classes that cover things like metalworkers and leatherworkers, even tailors and jewelers, and a nifty one for photographers by Purple Duck, but there's nothing that really does painters and sculptors. I believe this could be done as two archetypes, one for painters and one for sculptors, though both would need trading some spells from the bard list for more appropriate spells.
Instead of Bardic Performances, maybe the Sculptor could make small sculptures while preparing spells, that act as Summon Monster spells, except he has to choose his monsters when he prepares spells but could add some things like simple templates or evolution points. Throw in some Versatile Crafting instead of Versatile Performance, extra damage against objects/constructs and some other minor abilities.
For the painter he could also do some spell-like Summons by quickly sketchin the monsters in special paper, like Sai from Naruto, but maybe he culd have the ability to 'paint' the world, creating illusions, paint landscape so realistic they become portals, or paint colors on people to affect them with emotions, like that one One Piece villain. And of course their own version of Versatile Crafting (painting) at second level.
Now that I'm writing it down it occurs to me, both these archetypes could also be made as Summoner archetypes with a construct eidolon instead of outsider for the sculptor, his Galatea masterpiece, and a Lesser Eidolon, like the Master Summoner archetype, made of ink and turned into a painting while unsummoned, for the painter in exchange for the portal and illusion stuff.
Another unfilled niche for the bard is writers, but I don't know what could be done with it.

Now ideas for the Generational Hero:

First I was thinking on ideas for the Generational Hero based on the idea that he was part of a lineage of heroes (like the Belmont family, or the Phantom) or a reincarnating cycle of heroes always fighting the same evil (like Link, or Buffy). Then I reread the fluff. Oops.
An idea I had was of a Generational Hero who got part of the memories from his ancestors/former incarnations, either naturally or through an item where his ancestors deposited those memories. It could get some bonus on Knowledge checks, the ability to consult their experience for bonuses on skill checks, and maybe other abilities.

I also suggest archetypes for the Generational Hero that involve time powers (Hero of Time), light abilities, maybe a Kinetic Blast (Hero of Light), and shapeshifitng into one particular animal (Twilight Hero).

A new idea would be a Gen Hero who is much more tied to his prophecy, to the point that he is much easier to revive because he can't die until the prophecy is fulfilled, or he can declare one enemy to be fated to die giving him a curse that weakens his defensive abilities. Maybe instead of a Generational Bond he could choose a Fated Companion or Object that is mentioned in the prophecy.

Also an idea I had for the Gamer, is that the Gamer comes back unmoored from Fate, outside the wheel of karma and the loom of fate. That could grant them a permanent Nondetection spell or other ways to fool divination spells, like the ability to alter his auras when he changes his Build, like he is LG Human but he can instead appear as CE Undead to Detect spells to fool enemies; the ability to alter fate by forcing others to rerolls when someone rolls a natural one or twenty, or healing people but only when when they drop below zero HP, maybe they can a different way to Change Fate depending on their current Build. Like, the Healer can change the fate of people who were supposed to dies healing them as a free action when they would be reduced to negatives and the Tank can change the outcome of fights by forcing the enemie to reroll when he gets natural twenties and allowing allies to reroll when they roll natural ones.

The July update for the Book of Many Things Volume 2 is officially live. Check out the summary below.

This month's theme was decided on by our Facebook fans and Kickstarter Backers, and it is Final Fantasy. If you're a fan of this popular series of games, you'll find some wonderful nods to the concepts they introduce.

While we are keeping layers, it has increased the size of the file considerably. For those who require a smaller file, we have created a "light" version that sacrifices on the visuals for faster loading and reading. Please make sure to continue offering feedback on these so we can make them the best they can be by the time we're done in October.


==Catfolk: The maithar are a race of catfolk from the worlds of Fantas with close ties to their goddess and a love of bows and music.

==Humans: Materians are humans who are tied to the life force that power their world, whether because they are born to it or infused with it later in life.

==Moggish: The chisai moggish are small (sometimes Tiny) humanoids who were created by the fey from animals. They use their zim zims to accomplish simple tasks, breed bokochi, and run taverns and inns.

==Ursaren: The enlightened ursaren of Fantas are often spiritual and worldly. Some even come from an ancient pirate heritage.

Burdened warriors lead the charge this month with a heavy heart and a destiny to fulfill. Beside these world-weary fighters stand cerberan gunslingers, who can set aside their firearms and transform into chaotic beasts to fight in melee, while edgeblasters draw their gunblades and prepare to do the same.

Overseeing their guilds' operations and missions are takusu inquisitors, while red magi and Fantasian dragoons strike out at enemies in their own unique ways. Even the roguish cannibalists will join the fray if there's some new cuisine they can try.

===Character Options===
Character options got a bulk of updates this month. Threat feats allow you to turn a failed critical hit into a small benefit, and noble paths bridge the gap between race and convergence.

Bastard weapons, gunblades, strike balls and tower weapons open up equipment in July. Want something new and awesome to ride or drag around as an animal companion? Check out the bokochi, which can come in a variety of different colors.

===Magic Items===
What would a theme like Final Fantasy be without loads of magic items? Fantasian orbs take the lead in this chapter, offering 8 different categories, from magic, to archetype, to job orbs which let you trade variable multiclassing in and out for a nominal fee.

Fantasian bane weapons give a stronger benefit for a narrower focus, and discovery items like the blessed bokochi feather, odin's tear, and the ultima weapon can be found if you know where, when, and how to find them.

Pathfinder Maps, Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Maps, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber; Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Superscriber

That July update wasn't set up correctly. When I try to download it, all I get is a 173 byte long unreadable PDF file.

David knott 242 wrote:

That July update wasn't set up correctly. When I try to download it, all I get is a 173 byte long unreadable PDF file.

Odd. You're the first person to mention this. Has anybody else had this problem? I will reach out to the online team and see if I need to reupload.

Sorry for the issue.

Please note, the site's upload option is not currently working. This will take effect once that allows me to add the update. Apologies for the delay.

After a slight delay, the August update for The Book of Many Things is done. Here's a look at what we've added.


Leporine: The leporine are rabbitfolk from various shattered worlds such as Fantas (known as Vierra) and the Kingdom (known as lagomorphs).

Aaron Hollingsworth steps back into the designer's chair for another month. With him, he brings two new flavors of spellcaster, and a hard counter to their magic.

Metaphysician: Blending the ideas of psychic magic with the power of the arcane, this hybrid psychic/wizard uses his mind to craft the perfect spells for the right situation.

Philosopher: A believer in rational inquiry into areas that are outside either theology or science, the philosopher's magic touches on both without the strictures of either.

Revoker: When magic is abused by a deadly monster; when spellcasters try to control the general populace with their abundant and dangerous power, the revoker steps in to keep them in check.

==Archetypes and Class Options==
Invoker: Great wyrm invokers are followers of great wyrm dragons, whose blessing they earn and whose terrible power they wield. In addition, several new otherworldly patrons have been discovered to whom invokers can dedicate their pleas.

Nature Warden: Two new guardian mights open up the powers of the elements and storms, while the sons of pan try not to take their defense of the natural world so seriously.

Necromancer: Six new necromantic studies provide ways to play a necromancer who focuses on ancestors, bones, death shrouds, fiends, hoodoo, and even trade necromancy.

Ninja: Ninjas of the dragon legend are secretive warriors who typically wield exotic weapons imbued with the power of dragons.

==Character Options==
Feats: Several new crafting-related feats have been added to allow for more magical items created by non-spellcasters. Feats like the Brave Little Tailor lets you craft body, chest, and shoulder slot items, and Mad Hatter, which allows you to craft head-slot items.

Noble Paths: Gnomes, halflings, half-elves, and half-orcs now have noble paths they can follow as well.

4 new gunblades and eldritch organs fill in for equipment this month.

Yeah! Keep them coming!

The September update is complete. This month, we focused on cleaning up chapters 3 through 6 for print and added most of our campaign backer requests in chapter 7. A summary of the changes made can be found below. For October, we are finishing our pass on editing and adding the final batch of content to reach 200 pages for print. If you spot anything that you think needs correcting, or have a request that we can hopefully add, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Metaphysician: The metabonded archetype grants the metaphysician a special familiar with whom she shares a more powerful connection than most. Meanwhile, the metaphrenic gains a pool of phrenic power she can use to enhance her various psychic talents.

Philosopher: Epistemologers believe that true knowledge is unobtainable. They focus on what they can learn and how best to apply that education to the proper situations.

Rogue: As a cannibalist, a rogue is able to bite enemies, creating awful wounds as flesh is rent from bone.

Summoner: Fiend trainer summoners are fiendcrafters (see below) who familiarize themselves with different monsters, then improve upon them as they’re summoned later.

Veritus Champion: Introduced in volume 1 as a custom request, the veritus champion gains some new options here for his blood debt. Exsanguination is more of a vampiric blood debt, while vascularity focuses more on the champion’s own physical ability.

Vigilante: If you enjoy heroes similar to the Green Lantern, you’ll enjoy playing as a herald of will vigilante. With a bonded item and the ability to conjure creatures and weapons, the herald of will fears no darkness as he brings his light to the world around him.


Feats now has a set of tables that summarize the different types of feats and their purpose. In addition, we have added multiclass feats for each of the classes added to volume 2, the hybrid classes from volume 1, and most of the base classes. With the space created by adding these, we’ve also included several new feats such as Guitar Hero, Hero of Might and Magic, and Rock Band.

==Items and Equipment==

Fixed the descriptions on some weapons to clarify what they do and added the tower weapon squire weapon trait.

Eldritch organs get an upgrade this month, with some clarification added to those introduced in August and a couple new options in the form of a mad eye that can give you true seeing amongst other strange body attachments.

Finally, the amygdala club smashes onto the scene with the ability to change from club to powerful scythe, both of which guard their wielder against fear.
==Kickstarter Requests==

Bonded Characters: Form a bond with your allies closer than even that of a wizard and his familiar.

Enwi: [placeholder art] An alien race whose wish granted them aspects of every race on their world, but which causes them to age rapidly. This forces the enwi to adapt in order to learn things like wizardry.

The minimalist wizard scrambles to learn spells, supplementing them with a little more survivability and combat training to account for the years he couldn’t spend studying magic.

Fantasy Weapons and Artifice: Honor the weapons of Krull, Hawk the Slayer, and other iconic equipment of 80’s cult fandom with this collection of items.

Paleblade Assassin: Shape changing vigilantes who take the form of children to throw off their targets before they kill them outright.

Revered Matrons: The benegess hopefuls are pythias with psychic gifts and a series of trials that lead prepare them to become revered matrons.

Soulbreaker Champion: This alternate take on the veritus champion gives you the ability to play a character similar to Ghost Rider or Spawn.

Summoner Options: The forgemaster creates poweful eidolons that he modifies using his fiend forge, and the hybrid trainer combines monster training with the summoner’s ability to summon augmented monsters.

The October update is complete. This month, we are filling in the gaps on content we've previewed or started but have more to share. A summary of the changes made can be found below. The next update should be the last, but we didn't want to make you wait, so we've added this interim update while we finish the last 14 pages and send out for a proof. If you spot anything that you think needs correcting, or have a request that we can hopefully add, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


Jin-Ku Races: Since the initial release of volume 2, we've teased our homage to Metroid. Now, it's ready, with two new races from the shattered world of Jin-Ku; energivores and samsaran hybrids.

World Soul Races: Jumping back to the world of Volwrynn, we have now added orcs (fiend-touched and red-blood), skinwalkers (moon-cursed), and reborn (soulrent) to the options available when playing a world soul character.


Jin-Ku Bounty Hunter: Continuing our look at playing a character similar to Samus, we give you the jin-ku bounty hunter. Members of this class get a very special suit of armor that they can upgrade in a variety of ways as they gain levels, and even become a tiny ball that lets them drop bombs on their enemies.


Invoker: The invoker of a nascent patron gains a recently born (or reborn) ally in the form of a young patron. By raising this otherworldly being, they form a close bond with it while also gaining power alongside the creature.

Veritus Champion: Blood, frost, and plague knights from the world of Volwrynn are now available, and like the priests of Volwrynn before them, they can change their focus with some effort and time.

==Noble Paths==

Noble paths for many of the volume 1 and 2 races have been added, including catfolk, leporine, minotaurs, nerudes, and otterlings.

==Items and Equipment==

Added the adamantine skeleton, which blurs the line between cybertech and eldritch organ.

Biting and tumble weapons allow you to grab or roll past enemies, respectively.

The Bake-danuki fur, leshy flower, leshy mushroom, and princess' crown are new discovery items that harken back to the days of 8-bit heroes in racoon suits.

Pick up a currency purse for your coin-changing needs, or a helper cube, which can be pressed for a quick ally in completing a (belch) simple task, then *poof* he's gone. Find yourself fighting a lot of vampires? Consider picking up a stake driver which can transform from stake-launching crossbow to battleaxe and back.

Magical Locations: Blood forges, lingering elements, lingering power, presence of nature, sanctum of the sorcerer king, the wildlands, wars' end, and witch haven are new magical locations with varying levels of availability for heroes to find.

==Kickstarter Requests==

Spell Chains: Spell chains are a new way to work as a team, especially when you have multiple spellcasters in the party. By concentrating on a chained spell, you open up the opportunity for an ally to cast a more powerful version of their next spell. As the chain grows, the more interesting the results.

Recent Update 11/20/2018

The November update is complete. This month, finished the last batch of pages to reach our goal of 200 and did some general clean up.

==Character Advancement==

Piecemeal experience offers another way to level up during play. It provides an immediate boost in power as characters defeat encounters, while also saving complicated choices for when the get a break or finish the adventure.

==Character Kits==

New players and veterans looking to quickly build a character can choose a character kit. With options like bruiser, protector, and healer, players don't have to sift through years of options to play the character they want to play right now.


Our final backer request from the 2018 campaign is in. Symbiants are aberrant creatures that latch onto a host and "improve" on it by making it stronger, faster, and deadlier. The strength of your bond is up to you, from a single trait to a full race, class, and convergence package.

This is now available in print as well. Please PM any specific questions.

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