Midgard and Zobeck Poster Map (Rolled)

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From the Sky Stairs of Beldestan to the edge of the world!

Assembled by Midgard's wisest sages, drawing from the work of its bravest explorers, this is a true* and comprehensive map of the Midgard Campaign Setting! This beautiful 24 by 36 inch print poster map by cartographer Anna Meyer displays the sprawling grandeur of the world's diverse regions, and the locations of its major cities, notable towns, distinctive geographical features, and places of wonder and terror. This Midgard World map is updated: now with ley lines, new locations, and richer geography—plus more details of the East and the Southlands!

Printed on both sides on heavy paper, the second side features the City of Zobeck as an inset on the Crossroads region, for gameplay in the heart of Midgard. This the newest, most up-to-date Midgard map by cartographer Anna Meyer, known for her Greyhawk cartography and her wondrous map of the Southlands.

Whether your destination is the Margreve Forest, the Accursed Isle of Meshong Lir, the Sarklan Desert, or the Wandering Realms of the Kariv, let the Midgard World Poster Map be your guide!

Shipped in a cardboard tube to keep it safe to your doorstep. Unlike the map found in the Worldbook hardcover, this one is rolled, never folded, to avoid unsightly creases.

*Midgard's wisest sages are not responsible for loss of life or property resulting from the erroneous nature of any cartographical features derived from myth, folklore, rumor, or the fevered ravings of drunks and madmen.

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