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Greetings once again, trainers! The Kingdom of Monsters has returned to celebrate their latest holiday, Eastrek.

Eastrek looks back on the journey taken by idealists from their homes west of Mount Graphite to the east, where they would discover new adventures, new dangers, and of course, new monsters.

Now, at the beginning of each new year, monster trainers from throughout the Kingdom travel to the Coal Brush Plains to celebrate Eastrek. New trainers play games and search for colorful rocks used to distract young monsters, while veterans hunt elusive monsters and grow their own into new and more powerful forms.

So, grab your favorite companions, ready your essence, and prepare to join us as we celebrate Eastrek!

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Thank you, as always!

For anybody wondering why this book is a little shorter than previous titles, we are trying something new with it called the early adoption program.

What is the Early Adoption Program?

Early adoption means what you are reading is a usable product, but it may be missing some art (or using temporary art) and tables here or there (think spell lists and comparable monsters from the first book). We plan to use some of the funds generated by sales of this product to get the finished, updated art as soon as possible. If sales go especially well, we may even be able to add more content, such as new monsters, class archetypes, spells, or equipment.

Of course, once we have all the new art/content, we'll make sure to let you know here and on Facebook.

So, thank you for helping us improve this product by supporting it early. - Northwinter Press.

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