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The vile deeds of the cult known as the Chosen are legion, and their latest scheme has led them to delve deep into the bowels of the earth, wherein lie horrors the likes of which could strike terror into the hearts of even the most seasoned adventurers. But what could possibly have drawn the fiends to such a harsh and unforgiving place, how close are they to achieving their current goals, and what will the consequences be for all those who are good and just if the cult are ultimately able to realise their ambitions? The answers to these questions and more lie within the realm of shadow to which the cultists have travelled, but only those who are stout of heart could ever hope to uncover the true nature of the Chosen’s plans, and perhaps even prevent them from coming to fruition.

Yet deep within the bowels of the earth rings out the name of the dread demon lord, Azimuth, who was banished decades ago from an unholy place that lies in the section of the subterranean realm to which the Chosen have journeyed. Rumours abound that his followers are close to securing their master’s return to this plane of existence, and if these rumours are true, how could anyone hope to stand against the might of the Scion of Entropy?! Could the Chosen, or perhaps their erstwhile ‘ally’, the dark-hearted Alcmena, be somehow involved in seeking to bring about Azimuth’s return, or is there more to the matter than at first meets the eye? Only time will tell, but if nobody is willing to step forward forthwith in order to try and thwart the machinations of those who would seek to bring Azimuth back to this dimension, the world at large may well be doomed!!!!

Into the Maelstrom is an adventure designed for characters of 7th to 11th level. But physical might alone will not be sufficient to overcome the challenges that are found in the often weird, and sometimes wonderful subterranean realm known as the Shadowland. So before you delve into its depths, you should ask yourself if you are possessed of the required attributes to face the countless dangers that lie within, for if you do not, surely only death awaits you in such a dark and unforgiving place!

Written by David Phillipps.

Into the Maelstrom contains an 83-page Introduction Book and a 180-page Adventure Book, along with numerous maps and player handouts.

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