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Mists of Akuma is an eastern fantasy noir steampunk campaign setting for Fifth Edition, a world where the recently liberated peoples of Soburin are as fearful of the primordial haze wrecking havoc across the prefectures as they are the threat of oni emerging from the wilderness.

It’s a lot to take in all at once.

New players (and GMs!) delving into the Mists of Akuma can download this free primer to find:
A brief breakdown of the world’s history, general information, various pieces of fiction from the core book, and how to go about navigating the cultures of Soburin
Chapter-by-chapter bullet points to take the steampunk out of Soburin (for groups that only want the eastern fantasy noir aspects of the campaign setting)
Michael McCarthy’s map of Soburin
The Mists of Akuma and two new conditions: hated and misted
Two new attributes: Dignity (how people think of you) and pragmatic Haitoku (“fall from virtue”)
How to interpret traditional Character Backgrounds when playing in Mists of Akuma and the Shinobi background
5 class archetypes: Martial Artist and Tattooed monks, Ninja rogues, Samurai paladins, and Wu-Jen warlocks
A sampling of feats including Ancestral Weapon and six martial arts stances
5 new spells: blood bullets, exorcism slips, ghost needle, spirit tea, and strike within & without
Mists of Akuma character sheets (including ink friendly versions)

We’re crowdfunding a sandbox mega adventure in Soburin called Imperial Matchmaker, the Trade War adventure path, and a book of iconics to use as PCs or NPCs. If you’re keen to more free PDFs check out the Kickstarter and meet the Mists of Akuma iconics: Ayakashi the theater mask tsukumogami, Kanden the necroji ninja, Lan the self-proclaimed immortal, Matsi the tanuki private eye, Natsuko the Kamispeaker, Piasu the erikotera machine-armored warrior, Rinna the Rosoku-Urasan, and Tomoe Masamune the Crimson Blade!

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