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Sailors and Scallywags

Nautical Heroes is a set of 8 ready-to-play 5th Edition characters created specifically to shine in a campaign venturing into the beautiful briny blue! Ideal for use as allies, cohorts, long-running NPCs, or as player characters, these amazingly detailed and lushly developed characters range from swashbuckling sailors to sea witches and gunslinging buccaneers. Each one is as much about story as combat, with robust links built in to each other as well as the kinds of stories they're likely to encounter in a piratical adventure. Each character includes a detailed backstory, roleplaying tips, special equipment, and a special campaign trait, plus detailed level advancement information for their first few levels, with further suggestions for developing the character's long-term mechanical build. We haven't even mentioned the fantastic character portraits, or the included foldable paper miniatures for every character! Plus, you’ll get new rules for variant classes, races, and more to make these aquatic adventurers unique and exciting! These characters are perfect as allies, enemies, rivals, or even playable PCs for any campaign that sets sail. Grab this 36-collection of 5E heroes and Make Your Game Legendary!

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