Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-19: Clash in Kaimuko Wood PDF

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 5–9.

On a recent foray into Kwanlai, the Pathfinder Society learned that a conniving being from the Abyss has been targeting righteous communities on the border between the tengu nation and Tianjing to the south. In light of these discoveries, Venture–Captain Amara Li has asked the PCs to lead a company of tengu soldiers to a fort near the northern border of Tianjing to lend aid and provide information. When the PCs arrive at the fort, it quickly becomes apparent that all is not well. As blight and corruption creep out from Kaimuko Wood toward the fort, it falls to the PCs to rally their allies and lead the charge.

Contents in Clash in Kaimuko Wood also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Silver Crusade faction.

Written by Jerall Toi.

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Society Scenario Subscription.

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5.00/5 (based on 4 ratings)

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A blast!


My players had a lot of fun with this scenario and so did I. Very enjoyable RP moments, cool mechanics as well and awesome story.

I'd give the scenario 4 1/2 stars if I could tho. Some of the encounters have too many layers and it's somewhat difficult to remember everything in the fray of DMing. I was really angry when I forgot the air assault that was supposed to happen at one of the encounters (trying to keep this spoiler free) but my players enjoyed it nevertheless

An epic good time.


This was a longer post at one point and got eaten.

Memorable moving parts complete with the FEEL of mass combat without reviving the mass combat rules is always a good time and a solid variation on the model presented in Orders at the Gate.

But come now - Silver Crusade doesnt have to mean Worldwound Lite!

Lots of fun but potentially deadly


Overall the scenario was a lot of fun and had pretty much everything going for it.

Interesting location, a good story, a mix of encounter types including some roleplaying, some exploration, and a few interesting fights.

For various reasons it is going to play very differently depending upon the group makeup and some GM choices.

I had two issues with it.

1) The fights are potentially VERY difficult, depending upon the mix of characters and character types. When we played it one character came within 2 pts of dying in the surprise round. Character death is a VERY real risk in this scenario


The players figured out the basic story of what was happening long before reaching the end. I'm not sure if that was intended or not. Certainly, what could conceivably have been intended as a suprise wasn't

Hide your Rubber Chickens


Great Adventure! One of the players commented that it reminded them of Defenders of Nesting Swallow, but in reverse.

Would love to see more adventures and player content for Tengu as well as the Twenty-Four Masks.

Grand Lodge

Pathfinder Adventure, Rulebook, Starfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

More tengu action!

Ooh. I see the blistered wound is as healthy as ever. ^_^

Silver Crusade

Do we have a map list?

Paizo Employee Organized Play Lead Developer

Maps in Clash in Kaimuko Wood:

The following maps appear in this scenario:
  • Pathfinder Flip-Mat Classics: Forest
  • Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Forest Fire
  • Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Wasteland
  • Lantern Lodge

    Absolutely astounding adventure!

    I love the Twenty-Four Masks. I hope they release campaign setting content based on the organization. I have two characters that would be perfect for this group of masked guardians. Maybe a prestige class or a vigilante or samurai archetype?

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