Torg Eternity: Core Rules

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The Possibility Wars begin anew! Raiders from other realities have arrived on Earth and and where they rule the laws of physics warp to form strange new landscapes. You play Storm Knights, defenders with the power to bend the fabric of reality who resist the invading High Lords at every turn.

All seven attacking cosms and Core Earth itself are portrayed within the book, along with the special abilities and gear that Storm Knights from all the realms need to get into the action! Torg Eternity contains all the core rules for the game, secrets about the invaders, details about the first 90 days of the attack, and advice for new Game Masters.

Each invading cosm has a completely different feel, whether it's cybperpunk, horror, pulp, or fantasy! The rules are crafted to bring out the unique flavor of the different worlds as heroes travel between them.

Note: Requires the Torg Eternity: Drama Deck to play.

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As a huge fan of the original rpg from the 90's, I can't wait for this to drop.

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As someone who Kickstarted this, you're going to love it.

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Got my copy the other day and it is beautiful. I also opted in for the Living Land Kickstarter and those products can't come fast enough.

Two of my players participated in the Kickstarter. The book is gorgeous. I only played Torg a few times back in the day I'd love to play again. Though as the GM for Pathfinder and my duties as such take up 98% percent of our game time, I doubt we get to play it more than once or twice a year because no one else wants to run anything.

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