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The Old World has ended. What survivors there were needed a place to survive.

That place was Andrus.

Designed for the Skybourne campaign setting, Andrus is a world in miniature; with nowhere to go and a hostile world beating at the walls, Andrus houses hundreds of races and thousands of cultures, each one vying for survival in a city filled to the brim with ancient enemies, world-moving powers, and a metropolis full of factions struggling for dominance in this strange, new world.

In Andrus, gnolls break bread with dragons and vampires sell their magic in exchange for blood. Dozens of races that would have killed each other on sight must keep the peace in a space only a few miles wide, or risk destroying the only city on the planet they can still call home. Andrus is a dangerous place, but compared to the rest of the world it is the safest haven to be found, and with luck will begin the rise of a new world.

Included in this book are descriptions of 10 city districts, each with its own unique culture and way of life, as well as factions and prestige classes unique to the improbable city. Each chapter includes NPCs to be encountered and adventure seeds to spark GM ideas.

While Andrus itself is an improbable city unique to the Skybourne campaign setting, its various districts can easily be repurposed for other cities and other campaign settings. Please take a look and enjoy Andrus: The City of Men!

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For those unfamiliar with the Skybourne setting, it's kind of a Green Apocalypse world. The forest said "screw you guys" and ate the world. Civilization survives by huddling in places the forest can't reach. Meanwhile the rest of the world is consumed by dinosaurs, man eating plants and feral gnomes. It's a lot of fun and kind of a fantasy version of Firefly. Build your own airship and take to the sky of adventure and exploration.

Andrus is a city packed with people who hate each other but who know that if they can't keep the peace, the forest, outside the walls, will get them. The book details the districts, several organizations (complete with Prestige reward charts), lots of storyhooks and some interesting Prestiege classes.

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