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A New Class for a New Game!

“The Mewthian Disaster, a catastrophic event that killed millions, was perhaps the single greatest tragedy we have ever benefited from. They called it a disaster. I say it was a crucible that forged the weapons righteousness needed to survive.”
--Schola Dimus Rigan, “On the Mewthian Fallacy”

Short Version: You are a quasi-immortal soldier bound to a set of haunted armor by a dragon god.

The Mewthian Dragoons are the result of a tragic war on a graveyard planet reserved for the most ancient of space dragons. Those servants of the great wurms who died were resurrected to continue the fight when their dragon died. Now they are legion- organized into sacred orders and dispatched across the galaxy to combat evil wherever it rears its head! Will your character take the plunge and give up their mortal form to fight against the darkness?

-A Balanced Combatant Base Class: An extensively playtested base class designed to mathematically keep up with solarians and soldiers (tested at various levels with multiple builds and with multiple playtesters).
-Setting-Neutral Material: You can use "The Legend of the Mewthian Dragoons" lore or use one of the many other methods of integration into your campaign world!
-18 Orders: 11 "Mewthian" Order plus 7 "non-Mewthian" orders. This include the Errant Dragoon order, which is great for making your own order!
-9 Dragoon Abilities: Each unique and suitable for setting your character apart from the rest!
-Dragoon Ranks and Military Organization: Ranks, titles, and organizations for all of the Mewthian orders!
-Builds: 6 builds based on some of the characters
-Original Artwork: By Naiche Washburn & Rui Ferreira

-Page Count: 37 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 33 content)
-PDF Optimized

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