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Begin your journey through a dark world of deep magic!

Here's everything you need to find adventure in the wind-swept plains, frozen crags, and magic-blasted wastes of Midgard—a dark fantasy world flavored with the myths and folklore of Central Europe.

This 176-page hardcover includes:

  • Midgardian player character races, including elfmarked, kobolds, and trollkin
  • Divine domains, mysteries, spells, and paladin codes
  • Arcane schools, leylines, elven high magic, rune magic, and more
  • Regional magic items, mounts, and gear
  • And much more!

Match wits with Baba Yaga, cross swords with minotaur corsairs, and travel to the Shadow Roads to the glittering courts of the fey. There's no better time to be a Midgardian hero!

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Is this the revised campaign setting book?

And another "must have" joins the herd.

Liberty's Edge

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Angel Tarragon wrote:
Is this the revised campaign setting book?

The Midgard Worldbook is actually the big new, revised campaign setting book. It is a system neutral tome which give you everything you need to know about the Midgard setting!

The Midgard Worldbook should be available some time in March if I'm not mistaken ...

The Midgard Players Guide is the awesome Pathfinder RPG companion to the Midgard Worldbook. It's a brand new, expanded and updated book full of Pathfinder RPG class info, races, spells, and a ton more specifically for Pathfinder RPG players in the Midgard setting.

Hope that helps!

Honestly I'm glad I haven't pre-ordered. I'd love to support Midgard, but with PathFinder 2.0 on the horizon...I'd rather wait out for another revision that might be supporting Pathfinder 2.0 since I will be migrating. I will not be selling off my 1.0 collection though.

Liberty's Edge

Looking forward to the first few reviews (once folks get this in their hands and have had a chance to thoroughly digest it of course! :)

Angel Tarragon - fair enough ... HOWEVER, looks like it'll be more than a year until Pathfinder 2 comes out, so there's PLENTY of time to get a TON of gaming goodness from this book!

Positively gorgeous, I'm thrilled looking through this. What a great book

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Thanks so much for the kind words! A TON of work by a lot of folks went into this one!

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Print/PDF Bundle now available!

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Who will be the first to post a review of this awesome book ?!?!?

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I purchased this and Wraith of the River King. This definitely a dark and gritty setting. I am not sure I would want to live there but might be an interesting play setting. The flavor for dwarfs and elves is pretty severe but I can see both species thinking they are the superior race.

The Exchange Kobold Press

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Though of course all right-thinking people know that dwarves are superior.

::in before the inevitable elf-dwarf threadlock::

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Wolfgang, as usual you are crazy. Elves are superior. :)

Humans über alles!

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The REAL question is... where are the reviews for this awesome book???
Come on Pathfinder fans!!!

Show your Parhfinder love and support! Who will be the first person to post a review??

If I had the means to lay my hands on a hard cover you know I'd put up one.

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Saint Bernard wrote:
Wolfgang, as usual you are crazy. Elves are superior. :)

What are you talking about?

Don't you know that elves cause cancer?

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The Midgard Player's Guide is on Paizo's Top Ten Downloads list this week!!

And hey, looking forward to that first review! :)

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Still going thru this massive work. The mix of flavor and rules are great. The decision to separate the rules from the world setting was a brilliant move on your part. It will take me a bit time before I will be ready to review it. A lot to digest.

When you have a kick starter to revise this for PF2 I will support it. While I play primarily in PFS I would use Midgard for my home campaign. Excellent setting.

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On sale for 60% off through November 30th, 2018!

Rick Kunz wrote:
On sale for 60% off through November 30th, 2018!

Well that certainly got my attention.

Anyone who has this willing to give a quick review?

Is there any listed alternate favoured class bonuses for the bearfolk introduced here in any of the products by Kobold Press?


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