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This core setting guide combines Mercenary's Handbook and Galaxy Guide into a single, deluxe edition for Mercenary Breed 2.0. The content has only been slightly revised with no significant content changes.

Mercenary Breed is a science fiction action and adventure toolkit and sandbox setting for Savage Worlds. The core setting set is broken into three rulebooks: Mercenary’s Handbook, Galaxy Guide, and Xenopedia. This core setting guide combines Mercenary’s Handbook and Galaxy Guide into a single release, providing everything needed to create characters, settings, and missions across a multitude of science fiction themes including space opera, sci-fi horror, and pulp sci-fi. Characters could be bounty hunters, scouts, helmsmen, demolitions experts, biohackers, neuromancers, scientists, engineers, and a whole lot more!

Mercenary Breed is designed to embrace all styles of science fiction setting and campaign design with a number of toolkits and discussions to make that happen. This core setting guide provides the character options players can choose from to create all manner of characters including those utilizing Tech Backgrounds – the sci-fi equivalent of Arcane Backgrounds, but based on technology - and whatever science fiction themed setting or campaign desired.

Mercenary Breed includes:

  • 6 xeno templates representing different species for the characters to choose from.
  • Reputation-based equipment requisition.
  • Character options including Hindrances, Edges, and equipment.
  • Information on how to apply different sci-fi themes.
  • 6 Tech Backgrounds.
  • Details about the Argo Galaxy and how to build your own.
  • Megacorporations and a toolkit to create new ones.
  • GM advice and creating and running sci-fi mission.
  • Same adventures.
  • Savage Tales.
  • … and much more!
Mercenary Breed is not a standalone book and requires use of the Savage Worlds core rulebook. GM’s will also want a copy of the Xenopedia.

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