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Imagine living on a mining colony without proper radiation shielding, mega-corporations experimenting on sentient beings, or a post-apocalyptic setting. Many science fiction universes are anchored on the existence of mutants. The Gravity Age: Mutant Menagerie will provide players and GMs with 1000’s of mutation combinations. It will also introduce a mutant building mechanic that stays true to the new Starfinder Roleplaying Game mechanics while attempting to maintain level appropriate balance. If you have enjoyed mutant themed RPGs in the past, this accessory is for you. As far as character building and monster creation I truly believe this will be one of our strangest publications to date. This accessory contains new material covering:

  • The Metamorph Archetype
  • 3 new mutant templates for player characters and grafts for the game master
  • 10+ Cosmetic mutations
  • 75+ Deformities
  • 140+ Physical mutations
  • 60+ Psychic mutations
  • 20+ new feats to assist in your evolution

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I'm looking forward to reviews on this one.

Well, everything I've seen so far is that Stroh Hammer is making some excellent expansions for Starfinder. Going by previous releases, this is likely to be a lot of fun as well, and I may well end up grabbing it somewhere. XD

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