Steam Powered: Illustrated Catalogue & Guide (PFRPG) PDF

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Put some STEAM into your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

by John Reyst

Dr. Osborn does it again, bringing you all of the following!

  • Rules for using steam and spiral springs to power weapons or other items
  • Several INCREDIBLE new items, including the AWESOME juggernaut suit, POWERFUL steam crank, the DAPPER bowlerang, Dr. Osborn's mighty corset, HIGH-FLYING jump-boots, magneto-boot, magneto-gloves, ALWAYS COMFORTABLE personal pavilion, and the EVER-USEFUL walking clawfoot bathtub!
  • 3 new vehicles: the boaticopter, camp-in-a-box and the AMAXING self-propelled personal ambulator!
  • All this and MORE!

This book is a GREAT compliment to your Pure Steam, Thunderscape, or homebrew steam-powered campaign.

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