Affordable Arcana: Wondrous Item Sets (PFRPG) PDF

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The design requirements for this Pathfinder Roleplaying Game product were “Create wondrous items costing under 1,000 gp and which fit into sets” And we feel that Michael has performed wonderfully on this one.

This book includes the following new, AFFORDABLE magic rings!

Adventurer's Set
  • Balancing Boots
  • Camper's Bandolier
  • Cloak of Landscapes
  • Crystal Clasp of Weightlessness
  • Foraging Gloves
Apprentice Set
  • Burning Alarm Bracelet
  • Combat Focus Cords
  • Deciphering Lenses
  • Robes of the Novice Evoker
  • Scorched Sandals
Forest Warden Set
  • Animal Companion Bands
  • Footwraps of Roots
  • Mantle of Nature's Ally
  • Mask of Tree Sight
  • Necklace of Animal Spirits
Gambler Set
  • Conspicuous Necklace
  • Gloves of the Forger
  • Itchy Belt
  • Weasel Jacket
  • Whispering Hood
Infiltrator Set
  • Arsonist's Smoky Hood
  • Boots of the Poltergeist
  • Bracers of the Jewel Thief
  • Grappling Necklace
  • Speckled Goggles
Socialite Set
  • Gaudy Rose Pendant
  • Gossiping Gold Bracelet
  • Peacock Beret
  • Persuading Duster
  • Speckled Goggles of Spectating
Thrill Seeker Set
  • Adaptive Stunt Boots
  • Bullish Helm
  • Pauldrons of Barging
  • Ruthless Belt of the Mad-Eyed
  • Wraps of Barroom Brawling
Worshiper Set
  • Amulet of Healing
  • Headband of Scriptures
  • Mantle of the Devout
  • Phylactery of Promises
  • Sandals of Perplexing Commune

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