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This Pathfinder RPG product includes:

  • New rules for minor, moderate and major flaws for wands
  • New rules for wand creation
  • Examples of flawed wands (and why you'd make them)
  • 2 new class archetypes (echo bonded [wizard] and wandslinger [gunslinger])
  • 1 new dare (Hold my Ale)
  • 8 new feats (Craft Improvised Wand, Etching Mastery, Improvisation Adept, Improvisation Expert, Luck of the Hedge Magician, Periodic Epiphany, Resourceful Artisan and Wand Slinging)
  • 7 new traits (Digit Tail, Eager Grappler, Street Corner Mage, Urchin Wizard, Wand Jumper and Wand Waver)

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