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Sector Asgard Kappa for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. Containing thirty six inhabitable planets with a wide variety of cultures, aliens and secrets. It is ripe for exploration and adventure!

It includes the Plot Point Campaign 'One Million Starflies'

The characters are hired to investigate the activities of a group known as the Brotherhood of Logic and, once their evil plot is uncovered it becomes a race against time to stop them from succeeding and plunging the whole sector into all out war! This will be a Campaign of fifteen adventures, with story seeds to take the characters on even more adventures in-between the scripted parts of the campaign.

The book contains:

  • A whole detailed sector with thirty six worlds to explore
  • The Plot Point Campaign
  • A set of nine pre-generated characters to use in the adventure yourselves or as Wildcard NPCs
  • A ship; Crowfoots Venture

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