Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Scenario #1-08: Sanctuary of Drowned Delight PDF

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A Starfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3-6.

In order to retrieve valuable resources necessary to repair the Wayfinders' flagship, the PCs follow-up on another team's investigative mission to a long-abandoned Starfinder Society lodge on a world in the Vast. Finding the lodge submerged and already partially flooded, the PCs quickly realize they are far from alone in the depths of the distant world's ocean.

Content in Sanctuary of Drowned Delight also contributes to the ongoing goals of the Wayfinders faction.

Written by Kate Baker

Starfinder Society Scenario Tags: Faction (Wayfinders)

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****½ (based on 10 ratings)

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Something smells fishy...


Loved it! I enjoy the foreshadowing of all the Starfinder scenarios, and this one didn't disappoint. A tense, problem-solving oriented mystery unfolds with dilemma. You fight in their element and must prevail. Great stuff, Kate.

Like...totally deep, man...


Having played this and now prepped to GM it, I really love this scenario. There's a great balance between investigation and first-contact diplomatic relations, right up until the bubble bursts!

In many ways, this scenario felt like an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation! Being that ST:TNG is one of my favorite shows of all time, you don't need to be a ship's counselor to figure out how I feel about this one!

Quirky but short

****( )

The overall tone of this scenario is quirky and the scenario was quite short.

A Nice Dark Mix of RP, Combat, and Investigation



I ran this at Subtier 3-4 using the four-player adjustment. There’s a really nice mix of combat, role-playing, and investigation in this one. It’s a darker story that’s told really well and opens up some new possibilities for future SFS storylines. And although it is a more complex one to run as a GM, it’s definitely worth it.


During their initial briefing with Fitch, the Wayfinders Faction leader, the PCs learn that their mission involves the ocean-planet of Arniselle, located in the Vast. Over a century ago, the Starfinder Society set up a lodge on Arniselle as a staging area for further explorations, but eventually decided to withdraw and abandon the base. Now, however, the Starfinder Society is in desperate need of a mineral called clophirium in order to rebuild its flagship, The Master of Stars. Arniselle was known to have extensive clophirium deposits, so, several weeks ago, the Society sent its special aquatic-operations team, the Manta Corps, to Arniselle to reopen the old lodge (it's submerged underwater). However, the Manta Corps haven’t reported back, so the PCs’ job is to find out what happened to them and if the lodge is salvageable.

It’s a classic adventure hook (“we sent in a team; they never returned, so now we’re sending you!”) with the nice twist that the PCs need to prepare themselves for an underwater mission. I do think it’s kind of funny that a random assortment of PCs are sent to discover what happened to an elite aquatic special forces team, but I can suspend disbelief—these things happen all the time in fiction. The Manta Corps appear briefly in # 1-04 (“Cries From the Drift”), so having players who were in that scenario adds a bit to the story here. As an aside, I really liked how Fitch’s briefing kept getting interrupted by her kids (who just won’t go to bed)—it added a nice touch of humor and most working parents will sympathize. The more personality and depth the NPCs have, the better.

The journey to Arniselle through the Drift is interrupted only by the appearance of a Xenowarden ship broadcasting information about endangered flora and fauna. There’s some info about renkrodas that I assume is a hint for an upcoming scenario, much the way the encounters with the Manta Corps back in # 1-04 was for this one. Unfortunately, there’s not really any way for the PCs to interact with the Xenowarden vessel or this information, so it just kind of sits there. I think the writers need to do a better job with Drift travel in order to bring out just how weird the dimension is and to avoid the “5d6 days pass and nothing happens” syndrome. It doesn’t need to even be space combat—perhaps a skill challenge to repair part of the ship, talking down a passenger with cabin fever, etc.

Once the PCs arrive on Arniselle, they have no trouble finding the sunken lodge. The entire rest of the adventure takes place there. This scenario has a structure that is different than most in that it combines room-based exploration with an overlay of events that trigger in sequence. This requires additional preparation by the GM, because the necessary information to run a given encounter may be scattered in different parts of the scenario (I’d suggest preparing a flow-chart of some kind to keep track of when different events trigger). Anyway, the lodge is now occupied by a race of sentient walrus-like creatures call morlamaws. The morlamaws are a religious sect that worship a local deity of endurance named The Weeping Knight. They’re friendly and allow the PCs to come in and look around, saying that the Manta Corps did visit but then left without explanation. One room contains an encounter with some old, malfunctioning Starfinder Society security robots. In a really nice bit of writing, the robots will stand down if any of the PCs can show them the SFS ID hologram they could have implanted during # 1-01 (“The Confirmation.”). Making little things like that useful instead of forgotten about is what allows boons to feel worthwhile.

After doing some exploration of the lodge, the PCs will start to gather some clues that point to a more suspicious explanation of what happened to the Manta Corps. And during triggered events like a dinner and a sermon on The Weeping Knight, the PCs may start to realize what the rank-and-file members of the sect don’t know: the The Weeping Knight is actually Zon-Kuthon, the evil god of pain, suffering, and darkness! An attack by sea serpents gives the PCs their first taste of underwater combat, and one of the things I really liked about this was that what’s at stake isn’t just the usual winning or losing but that one of serpents is thrashing and will destroy a display case containing sacred objects (and a datapad with clues to clophirium deposits) unless the PCs act quickly to stop it.

An event then triggers soon after the battle that involves the sect’s leader, Oshessa, inviting the PCs into her private quarters. Oshessa knows full well that the Weeping Knight is really Zon-Kuthon, and she wants to convert the PCs. But her attempt is interrupted by her senior lackey bursting in through a secret door shouting “The Starfinder is dying!” It turns out that Oshessa poisoned three of the four members of the Manta Corps (feeding their bodies to the sea serpents) and is now torturing the fourth to try to get her to convert! Obviously, a battle breaks out and it’s a pretty good one that could go either way (Oshessa’s poison glove is particularly dangerous). What the players I ran this for didn’t realize was that “The Starfinder is dying!” was a literal statement (not just cinematic fluff), and that if they don’t get to the Manta Corps member within ten rounds, she dies—and that’s just what happened. Again, I’m in favour of anything that adds a sense of urgency to combat.

Assuming Oshessa and her flunky are defeated, the PCs have a chance to convince the other morlamaws (who didn’t know what their leader had done) to assist the Starfinder Society in finding the clophirium. If they do, the morlamaws become a playable race, which is pretty cool. They’re not going to knock anyone’s socks off mechanically, but players who are in to the RP aspects of gaming have earned another interesting option.

All in all, I really liked this scenario. It has a nice feel to it, as the PCs gradually realize what’s really going on in the Lodge. I like darker storylines, and those kalo getting murdered and fed to sea serpents is pretty nasty! There’s a really nice mix of role-playing in this one as well, as several morlamaw NPCs are given distinct personalities. I think my only critique is that the way the events cascade tend to take away PC agency: no matter what clues they do or do not gather, Oshessa’s flunky is still going to burst into the room contrivedly shouting “The Starfinder is dying!” and give up the whole charade. It removes that interesting dilemma for players of when/how/where to confront the cultists with what they think is the truth. Still, this is a great scenario with a satisfying story.

The more you prep and read, the better this becomes


This scenario was easy to follow, but as a GM it really pays to prep by having a solid read and paying attention to the way the whole thing comes together.

It's a bit of a mystery/whodunnit type caper and it plays well to the sort of group who are keen to gather information and get to the bottom of what has taken place.

This offers a 'first contact' adventure with some fun twists, and some interesting combats (that don't feel bolted on).

Thanks to the author for coming up with a fresh bit of content that was tasty and fun!

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Why am I getting shades of the 1989 film Leviathan?

Silver Crusade

I was thinking The Abyss (also from 1989).

Dark Archive

Did this get switched from february to january?

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Marco Massoudi wrote:
Did this get switched from february to january?

It did, as should be explained in an imminent blog.

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As a heads up...

Maps for #1–08: Sanctuary of Drowned Delight[/spoiler:
-This scenario uses one custom map.

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Space Walruses look neat.

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I love that cheerful face on page 15

Did this release already? My subscription order went through on Tuesday, but it's still showing with a "pending" status.

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Joe De Bari wrote:
Did this release already? My subscription order went through on Tuesday, but it's still showing with a "pending" status.

Apparently there was some issue with all the SFS orders that there trying to fix. Im in the same boat with the order stuck at pending. There was a thread in the customer service forums saying that they were aware and trying to get it sorted today.

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It's out.

Big Spoiler!:
And a new playable race :)

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Please don't forget to add spoiler tags to anything that may spoil the scenario or its rewards for anyone.

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Jorsalheim wrote:
It's out. ** spoiler omitted **


Oh! Oh, my. This might be the happiest I've been since being unable to successfully beg a skittermander boon. This might even be better than a skittermander. Maybe. It's definitely bigger than a skittermander. Or even 2-3 skittermanders stuffed into a walrus costume. Well done, O Purveyor Of The PC Space Walrus!!!

I can't wait to run this, so I can post a proper review!

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Diego Valdez wrote:
Please don't forget to add spoiler tags to anything that may spoil the scenario or its rewards for anyone.

To reiterate what Diego wrote, please place anything that might spoil the scenario or its rewards in spoiler tags.

That includes:

  • References to playing morlamaws
  • Excitement about including playable races on Chronicle sheets
  • Anticipation of playing a Large technomancer with flippers
  • We're glad that folks are enjoying this scenario so far, but please place those references in spoiler tags where someone glancing at the product page won't have the scenario's contents spoiled.

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    If any GMs are looking for appropriately-sized, unpainted minis similar to what is on the cover, this is the best (also only) one I could find.

    (Tried to make a link out of this, but couldn't.)

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