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Written by David N. Ross (Adventurer's Armory 2 & Quests & Campaigns for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game).

You are about to embark on an epic adventure, guided by the choices you make. With determination and a little bit of luck, you may win through, but be assured—failure, even death, is never far off.

Astenforth is a dangerous place, and the Ringwood forest even more so. Things go from bad to worse when you're forced off the road by the Baron Astenforth's men and have a chance encounter with the woman they're hunting.

Forest of Secrets is a solo / 1-on-1 adventure, compatible with the fifth edition fantasy SRD. It's meant for one cleric, fighter, or similar class character of 2nd level. It is the second adventure in the Choose Your Destiny series of solo / 1-on-1 adventures.

  • Character Level: 2nd
  • Character Class: Cleric, Fighter, or similar class.
  • Play Mode: Solo / 1-on-1
  • System: fifth edition fantasy
  • Setting: Scarthey, the University of the Arcane

The adventure includes:

  • Exclusive Creature Chronicler, Defender of the Key, and Exorcist feats.
  • A new Campaign Boon, inspired by the adventure.
  • Secret Forest random forest map generator.
  • Both a single page and double page spread version of the PDF.
  • Linked for ease of play.

The adventure begins with Death Queen and the Life Stone, available on Paizo.

Forest of Secrets is the second adventure in the Choose Your Destiny series of solo / 1-on-1 adventures.

Look out for more adventures coming soon.

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