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Welcome to Red Sector

Red Sector is a densely populated sector of space that is home to a sector-wide organization know as the League of Worlds. They are unaffiliated but generally cooperative, as much as such disparate species can be civil with each other, and have open trade and little else between each other. The sector got it's name because the large number of red dwarf stars as well as an abundance of red stars (stars in the L & T spectral type). They have no formal central authority except for a station where formal meetings and discussions between worlds exist. This station, Red-1, is the size of a moon and is the legal/political hub of the sector.

Species & Worlds Included

  • The militant Eulebar and their strictly administered homeworld of Erste Welt.
  • The wandering chaos-born Slaadlings.
  • The hyperactive Heckitans (or "Reds”) of the chaos-touched world of Heckitan.
  • The Bladelings with their strong warrior-culture, formerly of K'Shorin (destroyed).
  • The religious Wayfarers and their jungle homeworld of Kraunaus.
  • The adorable (if not unintelligent) Wugs and their aquatic paradise world of Mush'tak'dar.
  • The mercenary Samebito, a species of sharkfolk who long since forgot their homeworld (possibly Kraunaus).
  • The culturally despised Whyos from the trash-world of Mam'dar Prime.
  • The deadly and beautiful two headed Ves from the dichotomous moon of Vestig.
  • The savage hordes of the Tarrasquelings, the incidental offspring of the scourge of the universe.
  • The Pon'par'i, intellectual merchants from the icy world of Rendonti.
  • The intelligent but insensitive Mihia, master of magic from the lush jungle world of Zero-Zero.
  • The Kapre, 30 foot tall gentle giants from the tropical world of Mossa who use hallucinogens.
  • Though not part of the League, the militant avian race known as the Thaun of the planet Thaunik are a constant threat.
  • Three unimportant species on the fringes of space known as the Barmanou, the Yeren, and the Yowie. (In reality these three species are actually fictitious- an illusion created and maintained by the paranoid and elusive Sasquatch race.)
  • The psychic blood-drinking parasites who call themselves Tao Rev, one of the founders of the League, have now partially withdrew and become "observers” due to their isolationism. (Also includes rules for playing Tao Sho)
  • The denizens of superplanet Obsidian, driven underground by a sudden change in their planet's orbit, including the primitive Trolls, the incandescent Sunkids, and the medically brilliant Kabouters (mushroom people).
  • The wealthy Gaoth, to whom finance is all, from Sab.
  • The malicious, spiteful, Dragoul of Draquick whose magical minds produce wonders.
  • The enigmatic and conceited Te-ra worm-folk from Yrthrax.

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