Gravity Age: Bioware Emporium (SFRPG) PDF

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Get your freak on! Genetic enhancements allow character races to transcend beyond their imperfect forms. If messing around with your own genetic code sounds troubling, don’t worry you can always enhance yourself with a genetically modified symbiotic leech, fungi, plant, or worm! This accessory contains new material covering:

  • 50+ retroviruses to perfect your genome
  • 10+ genetic templates to assist your survival in harsh environments
  • 20+ symbiont augmentations, many of which have the ability to evolve
  • 3 new playable races
  • New rules for cloning
  • A few new feats to assist in your genetic superiority

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I saw "Age", "Bioware", and "Emporium" and thought this was gonna be about something else >_>

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