Gravity Age: Nanotech Emporium (SFRPG) PDF

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Sometimes the most wonderful and terrible things come in small packages. Nanotech will help humanity conquer the stars but it has a dark side. If misused the same nanites that delivered humanity to the stars could end their civilization. This accessory contains new material covering:

  • 20+ Nanoaugmentors (new additions to the Augmentations presented in the Strafinder Core Rulebook)
  • 30 Nanoviruses (temporary augmentations)
  • 3 New types of nano-armor
  • 16 Nano-weapons
  • Explore independent nanocolonies (including Gray Goo, Holographic Servant, and Zombie Dust, as seen on cover)
  • Take advantage of holistic nanomedicine (including healing chambers, resurrection chambers, and mnemonic transfer devices)
  • 9 new feats
  • Creature Update: Nanoswarm (CR 1 -25), also includes the horror, replicator, and terraformer templates
  • See samples from the Gravity Age: Creature Update 00

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