Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures: Quig, Iconic Mechanic

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Plunge millennia into the future of Pathfinder and find yourself amongst the galaxy with Starfinder!

These finely detailed resin miniatures allow a player of Starfinder to discover a new future of wonder, with Quig the Iconic Ysoki Mechanic and his Drone.

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Average product rating:

1.00/5 (based on 1 rating)

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Wow. Just. Wow.


Not only did it take nearly two months for my miniatures to arrive (ordered Dec. 1), but when they finally did: the drone was broken, there was no base for Quig, and the base that came for the drone is hex-shaped and looks like absolute s*** when glued to the fugure.

This is the first bad experience ive had ordering things through and i hope its the last.

Is this available right now? I thought this was from a kickstarter and would not be available until next summer?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

The first wave—the 7 iconics plus the Sunrise Maiden—actually debuted (in small quantities) at Gen Con in August, but are now generally available.

If figures. I find this today and my order just shipped out yesterday!

Liberty's Edge

Ain't that something. I dumped $400 into this Kickstarter, haven't gotten a single figure and yet here these ones are for sale on the website...

Shadow Lodge

Still waiting for my kickstarter minis also WTF

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Please see this blog and this one, and feel free to post in either of those blogs' discussion threads.

Are these the original resin figures or the new plastic figures?

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