Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures: Iseph, Iconic Android Operative

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Plunge millennia into the future of Pathfinder and find yourself amongst the galaxy with Starfinder!

This finely detailed resin miniature allows a player of Starfinder to discover a new future of wonder, with Iseph the Iconic Android Operative.

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Will this be available again?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

(I'm adapting the answer our Licensing Manager gave regarding the Sunrise Maiden, which is in the same situation.)

We certainly hope so. We are working with Ninja Division to get all of their existing commitments completed. As we work through those commitments, it is occasionally possible to produce additional copies of previous, popular figures, but we can't really predict when those opportunities will present themselves.

Note that Iseph will be available in prepainted form later this year as part of Iconic Heroes Set 1. Those sets are one of the existing commitments mentioned above, so the character may be available first in pre-painted form before we are able to get more copies for the Masterclass (unpainted) line.

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so i kickstarted the starfinder minis and haven't heard anything in quite some time, any information to share?

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