Little Red Goblin Games Racial Guide #6: Classic Monsters (PFRPG) PDF

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Classic Monsters as Player Races!
This book contains player races designed to be added to your game. In this entry of the series we focused on looking at classic monsters and turning them into humanoid races. You’ll see chimera-folk, anthropomorphic cockatrice, and so much more! While we use the “racial point” system presented in Paizo’s “Advanced Race Guide”, we do not believe that it always accurately reflects the strength of a race- it is more of a guideline. The races in this book have racial traits that are more exotic than your typical player race so that they can better emulate the classic abilities of the monsters they are based on. With that in mind, please discuss the implications of these racial traits with your GM carefully before dropping them into your typical Pathfinder game. They are balanced for it but may tend towards giving players more exotic abilities than a GM of a low-fantasy game would like. They do not fit in every game, though we wrote them in as setting-neutral a way as we could. Please feel free to change any parts of the lore of these races to fit your game. And, as always, please enjoy your game!

Almiraj: Killer, horned, rabbit-folk!
Calcatrix (Cockatrice): Militant, magical, roosters!
Dai’Chi (Chimera): Chimera-folk from an alternate universe where humanoids are monsters and monsters are humanoids!
Erqigdlet (Adlet): Half man, half wolf- divided at the waist!
Gordox (Gorgon): Steel minatuars who breed with Gorgon to make the ultimate warrior-race!
Half-Sphinx (Sphinx): Curious, bookish, sphinx-folk who are the result of a bargin or trick!
Morklocks as a Player Race!
Nemean (Manticore): Jacked lion-folk descended from manticores!
Neo (Neothelid): A neothelid wised up to the fact that adventurers were killing them and made a subservient, good-aligned, race as a PR campaign!
Stirgi (Stirge): Four-winged, blood-sucking, vermin with a heart of gold.

Page Count: 46 pages (1 cover, 1 credit, 2 OGL, 42 content)
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