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Bards are known the world over as jacks of all trades, but sometimes on those rare occations where your whit and charm won't do, the situation calls for expanded talents. Be it agreesive sword based diplomacy, spectacular spell barrages, or some other tick, a great bard knows you always barrow from other artists. That is how art is made and how you ensure you live to hoist another pint over tall tales (yours of course) after the adventure is done.

Tides of War: Bard/x Feats is a series of feats that will allow your bard PC to blend more seamlessly with a variety of other classes.

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5.00/5 (based on 2 ratings)

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Fun feats at a low price


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest review.

Tides of War: Bard/X Feats is designed for multiclass bards, with most feats designed to be taken as early as 3rd level. It contains two pages of content after stripping out credits, cover, OGL, and introduction. They’re simple and straightforward, allowing combat bards easier access to Extra Performance and masterpieces, scholarly bards to stack class levels for Bardic Knowledge, and all caster bards to prepare bard spells as other class cantrips. Want to grant sneak attack to allies, boost performances while smiting enemies, or use percussive fists to increase your performance output? Does your bard have occult implements, a pet, or a favoured enemy? The last two talents allow extra uses of a talent, or – saving the best for last – allow a bard with the Order class feature to Bluff his way out of any consequences for violating the edicts of his order.

None of the feats particularly blew me away, but all are solid and work exactly as you’d expect. Fun options for multiclass bards at a low price makes me feel comfortable giving this 5 stars. Pick it up if you’re a fan of fun multiclass options.

An Endzeitgeist.com review


This collection of multiclass-feats for bard-multiclasses clocks in at 6 ages, 1 page front cover, 1 page editorial, 1 page SRD, leaving us with 3 pages, so let’s take a look!

This was moved up in my review-queue as a prioritized review at the request of my patreons.

All righty, after a brief introduction, we go through the feats alphabetically – you know the drill!

-Acting Over Action: Extra Performance is added to the list of bonus feats; alternatively, you can learn a bardic masterpiece you meet the prereqs instead.

-Bursting With Knowledge: Levels from a Knowledge (all) class skill class stack with bard levels for bardic knowledge.

-Cantrip Conversion: You reduce your bard cantrip array, but may convert a bard cantrip towards one of the other class when preparing spells. Interesting.

-Competent Precision: When using inspire competence, you can elect to expend twice the number of bardic performance rounds; if you do, an ally within 30 ft. targeted gains your sneak attack, while you lose it for that duration. This is amazing. Big time.

-Inspired Hymn: Designate smite target and start inspire courage higher; if the smite target is evil, treat the performance benefits as +5 higher. Neat.

-Inspiring Beatdown: When using a flurry (monk’s or brawler’s) while maintaining a bardic performance, you can spend 2 performance rounds as a swift action and make an easy Perform (Percussion) check – on a success, you increase the performance’s benefits as though your levels is +5 higher for 1 round. Nice!

-Musical Implement: When using an implement instrument while maintaining a bardic performance, the implement school spells are at CL +1. Mechanically simple, but makes SO MUCH SENSE. Oh yes, my violin’s haunted…

-Partners in Harmony: As a full-round action, have both you and linked companion (phantom, eidolon, animal companion, etc.) start a performance, provided the companion has Perform. Level of the performance increases by +5, but you consume twice the bardic performance rounds.

-Practiced Appel: Increases save DC of performances and penalty duration of performances and masterpieces versus favored enemies.

-Talent Show: 2/day, spend 4 rounds of performance to gain an increment of a talents-usage – these include kineticist talents, ninja tricks, alchemist discoveries, etc. and kineticist talents still cost burn and it only works for talents that work in increments of rounds and minutes – no cheese. Wide open…yet works. Nice.

-You Must be Mistaken: Once per 72 hours, as an immediate action, you can spend any number of bardic performance and make a Charisma check upon violating your order’s tenets – you get +1 to the check per round spent. On a success, you are treated as though you have not violated your edicts.


Editing and formatting are top-notch, I noticed no hiccups on a formal or rules-language level. Layout adheres to a two-column full-color standard with thematically-fitting stock art. The pdf even has bookmarks, in spite of its brevity.

David S. McCrae delivers big time here – these could have been boring combo/hybrid-y mix-feats – instead, he has elected to go the extra mile and instead do something creative, unique with each of these feats, all while staying concise and precise. Being literally all killer, no filler, this humble supplement provides some seriously nice tactics for musically-inclined characters. Add to that the low asking-price and we have a great file, well worth of 5 stars + seal of approval.

Endzeitgeist out.

As with all of our books, The Flying Pincushion is offering free copies to those willing to write an honest review of our work. Going to offer up four copies for the moment, so get 'em while they are hot off the E-presses!

Just PM me your email or post to the thread if you would like a chance to be like Thilo (AKA Endzietgiest) and get your voice out there in the world of PRG review.

And just because this IS the bard...be sure to turn it up to 11, cause if it is too loud, you're too old!

No takers on free products for the low cost of an honest review?

I know there have to be some folks out there, come one now, don't be shy, let your opinions be heard!

Four copies still up for grabs!

Sovereign Court

Yeah, come on, folks! Let's go! ^.^

I'd review it myself, but the review would probably be horrendously biased lol.

Never...how could you even think such a thing Dave! ;)

Sovereign Court


Come one, come all, free book for the low cost of a review. You know you love feats, you know you love multi-classing! Four free copies are up for grabs folks, don't make me a sad panda!

Since I am already going to be looking at the Into the Breach Bard, may as well add this one too.

Excellent, your copy of ToW: Bard/x Feats is in the electronic mail (same email as previous) as we speak, and thanks for the offer to review.

Thanks in advance Sethvir!

Wow. Quick turnaround! Received and downloaded. FYI, working on the review for the Bard into the Breach. Two of may favorite things about it right now are the Siege Carillon and the Hurdy-gurdy.

Nice! To be fair, there is something very satisfying about blowing up your foes with a giant rolling church instrument :)

::casts shameless keep this thread visible spell again::

So I have a pearl of power, what of it...?

Still some reviewer copies that "feel off the E-delivery truck" (I kid) so if you want a chance to have your opinion and thoughts heard about our work, just PM me and I can have a copy of this nifty little product to you swiftly!

::casts shameless keep this thread visible spell::

BAM!...pearl of power, also spice weasel.

As I said on the Into the Breach: The Bard thread, I can try to write a short but honest review for this one as well, if you can wait a while!

Copy of this book is on its way, I used the email address you provided for a previous review.

Thanks in advance El Ronza, and enjoy!

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Reviewed first on endzeitgeist.com, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here, on OBS, etc.

Sovereign Court

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Thanks again, good sir! ^.^

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Thanks for the excellent review Endzie!

Take a bow David...you earned it!

Sovereign Court

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*Takes a bow* XD

RPG Superstar Season 9 Top 32

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Thanks Endz, and good work David.

Just curious if folks need copies resent, have questions, etc, as we at TFPG are eagerly awaiting reading what other folks have to say about our feat work. PM reviewers if you have any issues, questions, or problems.

And thanks in advance.

Flying Pincushion Games wrote:

Just curious if folks need copies resent, have questions, etc, as we at TFPG are eagerly awaiting reading what other folks have to say about our feat work. PM reviewers if you have any issues, questions, or problems.

And thanks in advance.

Review is still pending. Same issue as ITB: Bard. Real Life. I have been given to understand at home that I may have some minus family time, that if it comes true, I will attempt to complete reviews of both this and Bard X feats.

Thanks to El Ronza for the excellent review, I am sure our featsmith David S. McCrae is happy to hear he once again came through with perfect pitch. Encounter solved..hair..still dramatically wind blown.

Sovereign Court

Indeed! Thanks very much El Ronza! ^.^

David did a great job on this one, for sure! :)

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