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Real people don’t look just alike – neither should your characters! Bring fresh, new looks to your game-table or product with our latest Character Portraits. You get a total of nine 300dpi TIFF files in each collection, consisting of three distinct poses of a character, with each pose in color, grayscale, and line-art styles.

Welcome to our very FIRST stock art package! Our aim is to bring you a variety of quality character portraits to show your PC or NPC in a variety of poses and bring out the finer points of your creations. This bundle of images is centered around a smartly-armored human lady combatant wielding a hefty war-hammer. Devout temple defender or formidable mercenary – her role is for you to decide.

Check out our PDF preview for sample views of all nine pieces as well as our stock-art license.

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Production Platform 3 is pleased to announce the first title in our Stock Art line is now available! From players to publishers, everyone needs more character portraits and our artists are set to deliver. Each pack contains a central character in three poses - adventuring, combat, and relaxing - rendered in three styles - color, grayscale, and line-art - to provide versatility and options.

Our first release is the Hammer Maiden, a smartly-armored female - most likely human or half-elven - wielding a two-handed hammer.

While our artists do have a list of planned projects, if you have any suggestions for figures you'd like to see - even if it is "could you do this figure with a sword instead of a bow" - please drop us a line and we'll see if we can work that into our schedule.

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