The Radwalker's Guide To: Radzillas (PFRPG) PDF

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EVERY setting needs giant mutant lizards! Whether you are playing in the Radlands, sailing void-jamming vessels between strange new worlds, or infiltrating an orc stronghold, you need something new to make your players sit up and take notice – and because you need them, we've got them for you!

Our first Radlands Bestiary, “The Radwalker's Guide to: Radzillas” introduces two-legged mutant lizards to your setting. You get stat-blocks for three distinct species of beast - each with three growth stages* – a variant that can move five times faster than your average PCs, *AND* a simple method to keep them challenging from CR 2 all the way up to CR 20.

Please note – these are NOT dragons! Nor are they “not-dragons” or even “*winkwinknudgenudge* not dragons”! These are honest-to-B-movie-goodness giant mutated lizards ready to wreak havoc on the urban sprawl of your choice.

And if that's not enough, just imagine your [favorite marauding race] riding them into battle.

*In case you lost count, that's TEN STAT-BLOCKS ready to roll out on unsuspecting adventurers, from CR 2 to CR 6!

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In the Radlands, they call the giant mutated lizards "radzillas." What do they call them in your world?

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