Is Eye for Talent worthwhile?


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Looking at the hunter with fresh eyes as the ACG approaches (yeah yeah I know you subscribers have it in hand) and I was wondering if it is worthwhile going with Eye for Talent as a human, and giving your companion the +2 to a stat. If you had the choice to swap 1 feat for +2 in a stat for you character you probably would (hence why they made it the feat and the skill ranks.)

So in the build I have in mind (archery build) with a cat companion, is it worth giving the companion +2 Str (or dex/con) or getting early access to rapid shot? And non-specifically, how would one in general make the case for this alternate race trait?

I think with the animal companion being as improved as possible, that's a good motive when running Hunter. So, a +2 to Str to something with multiple attks, would be good. If I recall; Cat gets 2 claws + bite

Eye for Talent only replaces your bonus feat, not your Skilled trait.

Skip ranged and get a reach weapon. The hunter get loads of teamwork feats, and youre not going to utilize many of them when youre ranged. If you do go ranged, skip eye for talent because youll need every feat you can get.

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I'm going to say if your going to use small cat. It is worth taking but only if your looking at using the cat as a blocker/tank. Even then it my be better to go ranger for range combat. Just due to the number of feet's. That and Rangers don't really need a animal companion but they can have one. where the hunter is much more effective with the animal then with out.

With that I can show you what I would do.
Small Cat
Dex 21 + Eye for Talent 2 + Animal Focus: Tiger 2 = Dex 25 Mod 7
Level 1 AC Base 10 + Dex 7 + Natural Armor 1 + Size 1 = 19
Level 4 don't take the medium size. Take the +2 Dex +2 Con.
Dex 27 + Animal Companion Bonus 1 + Level4 (+2Dex/Con)= Dex 30 Mod 10 (This will be to hit as well.)
Level 4 AC Base 10 + Dex 10 + Natural Armor 1 + Size 1 = 22
Level 4 To Hit BAB 3 + Dex 10 = 13 CMB Size -2 = 11
Just need weapon finesses to get your to hit up there, and the trip off the bite. Then you need Combat Reflexes for 11 attacks of opportunity. Now yes it's a -4 to hit at range. However you can just delay or ready your attack for after they stand up. The Cat is just there to slow them down from getting to you. Not really there for damage.

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Zodiac_Sheep wrote:
Eye for Talent only replaces your bonus feat, not your Skilled trait.

Agreed, I was rambling in my post, the comment about skilled was parenthetical. As there is another alternate racial trait that lets you trade Skilled and Bonus Feat for a second +2 for your character, I believe it is versatile human.

In my opinion eye for talent to increase the int of the animal is a vast improvement simply because it in nearly all case bumps the animal to 3+ int letting it qualify for all feats it can while giving maximum tricks and handling variety.

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