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Book of technological marvels? Check!Book of technological marvels? Check!

Shiny new StarJammer setting?? Check! (Wait, no?? Go get it now!)

Human super-soldiers??? …uuuuhhhh…


“The Medved Trials” is a short product that introduces genetically-modified humans as a distinct playable race for use in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventures. Whether set in the irradiated wastes of our own upcoming Radlands, on star-galleons sailing the void in search of strange new worlds, in the back-alleys of a digitally-enhanced near-future dystopia, or hunting orcs in your favorite fantasy world, these “bears” represent what heights humanity could reach if given the right boost. You get a 10-point standard race, a 20-point advanced race, and a 30-point monstrous race.

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Genetically-engineered humans for your sci-fi or post-apocalyptic needs. In the Radlands, they are Russian spetsnaz, but in your world - it's up to you.

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This product description seems almost identical to that of The Prometheus Protocols...what's the difference between them?

Yes, it is, and that may have been a bad idea on my part. The books are both part of our upcoming post-apocalyptic near-future Earth setting "The Radlands" and detail two different approaches taken by competing governments and institutes to "improve" humanity. The first book - The Prometheus Protocols - outlines the history of the experiments by non-military concerns to create a way to generally improve humanity. The second book - The Medved Trials - outlines the history of the Russian "super-soldier" program.

Ostensibly, the Prometheus Protocols can be taken as a starting race *or* applied to an existing human character at any level by "multi-classing" into the program - that is, a PC could take Prometheus Phase 1 instead of a class level. The Medved program was not designed to enhance an existing human, but redesigned humans from scratch and are thus presented as three separate races at 10, 20, and 30RP. While there are similarities between the two outcomes - and, in fact, there is a "super-soldier" series of Prometheus - they do reflect distinctly different philosophies of "improvement."

I hope this helps!

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