Player Paraphernalia #100—Rituals and Rites: Optional Spell-Casting Rules (PFRPG) PDF

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Player Paraphernalia #100 Rituals and Rites, Optional Spell-Casting Rules

Rituals, a novel idea first introduced in 3.5 offers non spell-casters the ability to wield magic at a more fundamental level at a cost. Paizo's Occult AdventuresTM took those rules and streamlined them and made them viable for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. However, they were limited to higher level spell effects and really geared for higher level games. This issue of the Player Paraphernalia series-Our 100th issue milestone!-Offers optional rules that expands rituals for 1st through 3rd level spell effects as well as expanding rules for backlash effects, optional rules regarding witches and shamans and their use of rituals, several new ritual related feats, and a new sorcerer archetype focusing on ritual aspects.

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